Good Afternoon Oh Kee Pa


::leaves office::

::throws discs in park::



::picks up discs::

::runs away::

::basks in sun::

70 degrees in Chicago all week!

Spring is here.

::chases after goldenroad::

close to 80 here in NC!!



^that’s the exact voice I typed that in. Bravo


Good afternoon. School blows. Weathers nice. Not a lot of homework to do, but my motivation to do it and my optimism towards it are indirectly proportional to the amount of sun outside. Listening to 3/20/92 Mikes>hydrogen>weekapaug. This is one of my top 5 favorite shows for sure. Definitely my favorite Weekapaug. Brother and Reba arent that terrible either.

Spring '92 might be my favorite tour, and I must sound like the snobbiest old fan saying a thing like that. But it’s true, I hear shows from that tour and I get excited about Phish all over again.

Good afternoon! Waiting for the inevitable Godspeed at Dawn & Greetings At Dusk OKP threads to surface.

Who’s throwing with me after work?

::sets clock to awesome::

i must admit the thought of a “Good Twilight Oh Kee Pa” thread did occur to me. It could serve a dual role of welcoming that special time of day to each of us as well as in depth discussion of our favorite and hottest movie franchise of all…

the debbies!!!

(I know what you were thinking, shame on you!!)

^ That is a great flick…the alternate camera angles REALLY give it something special. So about this weather…it makes me really happy. Not one person in CHicago was pissy today…even my wife was nice to me :think:

^yes those alternate angles really are something, revolutionary even… and the fact that it was shot on FILM… just… wow.

::mind blown::

btw good whatevertimeofdayitis okp. i just got done working 2 night shifts and feel like i got hit by the proverbial mac truck… tho i like to fantasize mine is filled with assorted cream filled pastries… just… ya know… to go with the coFFee.

I would love it, if I got hit by a truck, to be immediatly smothered in the truck’s awesome freight. God, I hope it’s pizza. Or a shipment of Junta vinyl.


My wife has been pretty nice to me lately too!
This weather is working! :mrgreen:

Gotta love the Brick Tamlin scream.

I started working through the spring of 92 last year and for a while it was my favorite tour. I don’t think I have a favorite right now though. I’ve been listening all over the place.