Good Morning Oh Kee Pa (Part 1)

Good afternoon poopdees!

oh wait, wrong thread…

^Yeah…you’re probably right…

But even on weekends, I don’t really sleep late, it bothers me that I’m not up doing something and wasting my time away laying there. So, I don’t know why it bothers me that they’re sleeping when I’m up, becuase I want to be up. I don’t know…maybe I wish they were up not wasting their life…

^I bet thats it…

^It’s not wasting time…it could be considered working out…

But 5 days out of 7 I’m up early for non-Motocross related things, like work or school…

Sleeping past six is late for me. I love the early mornings. Daybreak is one of my favorite experiences.

Although I used to love being up late as well. It’s this damn sleeping that’s screwing everything up. But then again, there’s nothing like the comfort of your bed at the end of a tough day.

Oh, I respectfully beg to differ. If you’re talking about the measures of light and temperature, I’d almost agree. But daybreak has a whole bunch of different feelings and subjective connotations than dusk. Why the potential of every event that will happen in the daylight is present in one moment of the crisp cool air of the morning’s start.

^waking up at dusk would have another different set of connotations because nighttime activities are so different from those performed during the day.

this thread is blowing my mind.

I agree with you fone, daybreak is by FAR my favorite time of day. I used to like it more when it was bed time and i just got to see the sun coming up. But I feel it’s so much less seen than dusk. Most people are either just getting up or miss it completely. It’s how each day is born and the possibilities are endless.

man, i am way too optimistic considering how depressed i am

I LOVE the morning as well. I love being outside, doing my things in the early morning when the sun is coming up.

I know it sounds odd, but I make sure to schedule all my classes as early as I can. Almost everyone I know schedules them at 2…3…night classes. I couldn’t stand being in a classroom at night, that would urk me.

But, to humor Glenn, Mr. Perception over there, I GUESS it’s possible for someone to like night classes blah blah blah…

Haha, jk, Glenn.

But they don’t know what they’re missing with early mornings. They’ll probably change as they get older.

Top O’ the morn to y’all

it’s foggy and rainy here, but that blazin’ ball of fire up in da sky is burning off the layers of fog. High of 53 today, IT’S FUCKING DECEMBER!! i would like some snow now please.

Have a good’en y’all!


yah, what’s so good about it?

Hey hey hey hey, mornin’!

Snowing here…three inches already.

60 a few days ago > shoveling.

I love daybreak in the desert. Seeing the sun hit the mountains gives me a little boost for the day.

Sunny but cold here, 27 degrees outside.

Is it April yet?

for real.

either way, if i don’t find a job (virtualy impossible in Asheville) in the next couple of weeks, this Skunk Ape’s headed back to his native FLA


Fucking cold in de north ya’ll…We hitting the ZERO space on the read out…BUUURRRRRRRR

Good Morning Everybody! I get to be out of the office all day entertaining clients. w00t!

Gooooooooooooooood moooooooorning OH KEEEEE PAAAAAAAAAA!

Damn this Italian Roast is kickin’.

Were you attempting to mimic Adrian Cronauer?