Good Morning Oh Kee Pa (Part 2)

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Good morning Oh Kee Pa!

Great googly moogly, it’s been years since I checked in, and I’m sure you’re all well aware of that. I can understand how that may also have pissed many of you off, and I can only apologise for my absence. The Pa, for me, became a chore every time I logged in because of phpBB’s limitations and clunky admin/setup and I ended up pushing it further away until it got to the point where I never touched it.

I’ve been wanting to migrate us for the last 5 years… No lie, I remember sitting at my desk at my old, old job researching various boards and whether it was even possible for us to migrate and keep all of our data. This in itself became a chore, and once again fell by the wayside while life and its duties called.

So, here we are, many years later. I’m now in a job I love, I’m married to my best friend and we have a beautiful son together. I started thinking about the Pa again (I never truly stopped), gave it another attempt to move us and, holy shit, it worked!

I’ve always loved what we had here, and I want to reconnect with what I enjoyed about the Pa all those years ago. I truly think Discourse will let me do that. I’m hoping it will let us all do that. It’s far more intuitive, configuration is easier, admin is easier, and it’s a pleasure to use - even on mobile.

There will be changes, tidying and configuration over the coming weeks, so things will jump around a little, but that’ll just be part of us settling in. I’m open to feedback, in fact I’m encouraging feedback on how we can improve the experience here, so I’ll start a thread for that and we can make the changes together.

Love you all, and it’s great to be back!


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Good morning…Oh Kee Pa? Something is different. Did you get your hair cut?

Hello to the ghosts of posters past, present (all 6!), and future. :flying_saucer: :rocket:


Good morning. A new Oh Kee Pa? Amazing.

I broker my leg a month ago. I was simply kicking a soccer ball, and I landed awkwardly on my left foot. The fibula broke right above the ankle.

I’ve been watching lots of TV with my foot up. A new Oh Kee Pa fits right into my schedule. Thank you, Ian, for making a welcome return. :+1:

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Oof! Sorry to hear that, Eli. Happy to provide you with a distraction. How long until you’re all healed up?

Good Morning! This is a great board! Nice to see a re-vamp. I’ve also made some Phish-fan-friends in the past few years who would enjoy the kind, thoughtful discourse here.
Hope my buddy @astralgruv will get active again . . .


Hey delay! Great to see you here, and glad you’re enjoying the new board. Still lots of work to do, but this is going to be a well-oiled machine once more. I’m happy to everyone’s thoughts over in the Feedback category!

Man, it’s been years since I spoke to @astralgruv. Would be great to catch up.

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I’m back baby. Ready to discuss anything but politics! @Cletus congrats on the little one! @delayloop my love of phish stems from you, sir. Let’s have some fun.



Holy moly! How the hell are you? What’s going on in your world?

Cheers, man! He’s a star. Parenthood is a tough one, for sure. We’re in a really good place right now though. Austin’s a lot of fun these days. I’ve played him some Phish, but he didn’t seem too bothered. He’s more of a Dancing in the Dark and Red Barchetta man. Hilarious, but true!

Let me tell you - it was a lot of hair!

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Good morning OKP! ~ is it better times yet?


Coffee #2 is in play, must get on w my day



Well, it’s Tuesday, which is nearly Wednesday, which is almost Thursday, which is pretty much Friday, so I’d say we’re doing alright!

And now it is Friday, so we’re golden.

Good morning

I hoped to be walking by early December, but it may be longer. I see the doctor on Wednesday, and I don’t think he’ll advise putting weight on it yet. Until it’s better I’ll keep riding my knee scooter. Better than crutches. It’s even got a basket on the front.

You’re not supposed to put weight on it, and you post The Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide? How did you not do some serious foot stomping? Must have used your good foot!

It’s not the morning, but I am having a heck of a day!

Finally got my account back. Good morning, New OKP.

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Steve’s here! We did it, bud.

Good morning! Everybody rushing to the store for covid sale?

I’m at work and feeling so so so tired.

Was it the mass amount of food? Was it the mass amount of indica?

The world may never know.

Good Day OKP! Nice to see all your familiar faces/names again. I think I like it bettter here than on FB now. lol. This was such a fun and friendly place to interact and looking back on some old posts brought back some nice memories. I found the OKP right after college and it was a place I found my voice and some people i connected with, then went to my first multi-band festival with, and then did some of my first phish tours with. I never forgot any of you and I hope all is well. Also, neck once accidentally texted me a year ago thinking i was his cousin and that was hillarious. Peace and love to all of you and don’t forget to grab some good deals today. Retail therapy lol. We got a jamaica vacation for winter recess, then ringfit adventure and i got 2 pairs of shoes. woot. Now i’m gonna get some work done (aka lesson planning).

Happy Friday!

Good morning. Happy Saturday.

Just lying around here. I’m about to heat up some leftover pancakes and bacon. Hunger will overcome laziness.

I’m about to watch Transylvania 6-5000. I haven’t seen it in at least 30 years.

I started putting weight on my leg on Thursday. Partial weight for two weeks. I’ve been using a walker so I can gently and slowly stand on my leg. It definitely hurts with full weight. The bone might be healing, but all the tendons and ligaments and whatever else have to get back to normal. My foot is still purple.

Continue having a good weekend