Ok so the idea started from Gordo’s last hotline message where he said he was just so bored with rumor messages on the hot line so i thought we at OKP could create a united message that we will all call in - tell him our screen names and then entertain him. But I can’t think of anything entertaining. Phriends around here say each one of us should sing a different phish song to entertain him. The goal should be that he can sit all night tomorrow, smoke, and listen to these crazy messages. BUT I NEED IDEAS!!!

lets each leave a one letter message spelling out somethin like cactus is the man
and then we record on this thread when we’ve sent a letter
and then the next person to call and get through leaves the next letter

actually itd be better if we have a pre-organized order of people to leave the message. i could do the 1st c. and then when i post that i’d done it on OKP the next person who is supposed to leave the message “a” leaves a message.

eh? any better ideas? please respond if you would be willing to participate.

just tell a joke

^he needs to clear space up on his machine before we can do anything…i called this morning and it was full

hell, if you want to entertain mike…go to the mensa website and pull off a math problem or something…he seems like the type who would enjoy something like that.

Or we could revive the chess game…but via voicemails. we will elect one board member a day to make a move on behalf of the OKP… Mike will respond in turn with his own move until someone wins. If we win…the terms are that he plays Mike’s song on his message…if he wins…well that wouldn’t be a surprise.

^great idea. Let’s get a goderator on setting up some sort of board! Any takers?


Cletus?!?!?! Where are you?

Damn! I go to work for 8 hours and come back to this! What a great idea! I think Mike would really get into this, and it would be great for us the phans as well, interacting with Mike in a “meaningful” way, and not just leaving random silliness on the hotline. Great idea folks!

awsome… purely awsome

i like the mike’s song on the machine idea if we win

Once someone get him to agree i’ll post a sticky…i’m gonna need some proof…try to record the call if you can…i’ll try to do it too…

Let me know if anyone actually does it…we’ll have to get him to let us know somehow as well…any suggestions on that?

he should register and private message one of the goderators…thats how he could make the moves. if someone knows technically how to make a chess game…?


I just left him two messages about contacting one of the goderators about a chess game (i blanked and said my sn, cletus, and vernixx) hopefully he’ll at least reply somehow, whether it be a polite no or an exciting yes…anyway, i’ve got the ball rolling here, so everyone cross their fingers that this works out…and if it does, you guys must praise me for making contact with the cactus

Two things:

GREAT idea on the chess game!!

I can’t play chess.

Thanks for calling Astral! I wonder if we’ll hear from Mike.


if enough people do it and he keeps getting hte same message from everyone, maybe he’ll go for it!

try to get the webaddress in there but don;t be pushy…mention the ohkeepa chess game then the site then some names to contact (myself, Ian, willbreathes…etc, etc…) but dont get all crazy…speak fast and precise…good luck!

I left the site last night with this idea and so glad it has blossomed. Brilliant idea with the chess game. There is a new message today so hopefully more room. EVERYONE CALL TODAY AND USE ^ASTRAL’S INSTRUCTIONS^ !!!

Oh, and if you could if you have left a message post a message on this thread noting that you left a message so we can see what our turnout is like. THANKS PHANATICS!!!

Left a message to contact Astral at 1241 EST

Where is the Support, it’s been three hours now?