Grateful Dead - 5/2/70


I’m looking for a copy of this set.
I see it’s a Dick’s Pick show,…but was hoping to set up a trade if someone has a good version of it.
I need some more acoustic GD and this looks like the goods.

I got some good stuff, some GD & Phish, but if your looking for something different I can shoot you a list.

Anyway, if I should just settle and buy the Dicks Pick version I will.
Just testing the water,…nobody seems to want to trade anymore due to the damn internet.

I can do a B&P or set something up through sendspace. Let me know here or PM.

According to the DB, the Dick’s Picks is the only recording of the entire show.

Otherwise, there is a tradeable version, but it only has Cold Rain & Snow.

Thanks will.