Grovel for B & Ps - late 80s

Hello fellow phishies! I started out trading Phish shows on cassette tapes back in the early 90s. It wasn’t until late 90s when I started trading cds. My grovel is for 87, 88 and 89 sndbrds on cd. I don’t have any 87 or 88 shows on cd that are listenable. I have one 89 show on cd from Baltimore, MD that is fantastic. Can anyone help me with some B & Ps of that era on cd? All my Sndbrd tapes are too hissy or they squeak… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Thanks in advance! Please help.

I guess I’m striking out here… DOH!

I am willing to help. You will have to give me a few weeks before we begin talking however. I am going through a move.

Thanks, WillB. Let me know when you’re ready.