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Since I’m guessing I’m not the only one here that plays guitar I think it would be great to start a thread on playing the music. Kinda like the individual song threads, but focused on guitar, bass, ect. There are some neat tab sites (wikiPhish) that have been out there for a while, but nothing that I can find that has dissucions. RUKind is a great one for Dead music. Like for instance, Fluff’s segue into Travels. For some reason (as easy as it sounds) I cant figure out the exact change. So when I play it it has a hole. Easy to fake for those that dont know the song, but those that do it’s obvious. Idk, Would be a great resourse for me and I think a lot of other folks.

P.S. if this already exsists on another site I would love to know where. Thx

I also support a “Musician” section for OKP. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

The song introduces an A major chord as it comes out of the regular G major Fluffhead section … is that what you mean? Or are you just talking about Fluff’s Travels in general? That whole “Travels” word can mean different things depending on what album or show, too.

White Tape has a Fluff’s Travels that’s mostly Dave’s Energy Guide I think, with like, an a capella Fluff’s ‘Arrival’ goin on at the end. Then there’s sections of ‘Fluff’s Travels’ that used to be in other songs like uh, what is it … ‘Lushington’ I think, has a section of “Fluff’s Travels” in it. Then, there’s the whole “Fluffhead” title consuming both “Fluffhead” proper & teh “Travels” when it’s on setlists.

What a fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy head.

Thx hosemaster. Yes the Amaj. I got that. But it bounces between the A and another chord. I think B but doesnt sound right for some reason. Here is a youtube vid of some guy. He does a great job and his vid + the wikiphsh tab is basically what I’ve ben using. Its at 26 sec. Ive been playing for close to 15 years but never really got full grasp of theory so I kinda need specific instruction. Oh and yea givin the far ranging variance of Fluffs and othersI should specify what version. For now I think I should stick with -dare I say it- the studio version :slight_smile: thx again.

I think that second chord is a B minor, but without the “bass” note changing, you know? Like Trey just lets the open A string ring, as he plays those B minor notes. I watched that part in the clip you linked, and he’s definitely using B minor notes with an A in the bass there.

I took an elementary music theory course about 20 years ago, and it really opened me up to music in a new and better way. I don’t read music (I can if I have to, but I’m very slow at it), and all the Phish I’ve learned on guitar has been by ear. I figure, music is something you hear, not something you read. So for me, I approach the guitar with the basic theory ideas in mind, and using harmony instincts that come from that class & from lots of jamming with dudes. :smiley: I don’t get all scholastic about it I guess.

It’d be cool to see what kinda guitar rigs people have too…mine is in the making but I have:

Vox v845 classic wah > ElectroHarmonix micro Q-tron > BOSS DS-1 > Ibanez TS-9 (analogman silver mod) > Boss DD-7.

Played on a Michael Kelly Valor CT and Fender Twin Reverb Silverface.

Lookin to add on a phase 90 or other phaser of some sort. I want to replace the DS-1 with another TS-9.

What do you guys have? pics?

I think there is a thread for posting your rig. As I do not have a rig, I dont think I’ve posted there. This is a very very good thread. :thumbup:

That’s an 8-track tape painting/sculpture/thang my buddy Spog gave me. And my main axe, the Ibanez Medium Grade, I like to think of it. Sorry about the shitty grainy pic. She’s good on the go, and people wonder how come it sounds like it does. You can see the lamp from the other side of the room reflected in her glaze.

That’s my tambourine, which I used tonight ~ my bandmates got me that for my birthday or Christmas maybe. I had a mad productive recording weekend, can’t believe what I got done. Lots of vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, tambourine, mixing/mastering work.

My mic is set up, rockin the pop filter :sunglasses: I think my dad gave me both of those. [insert, from my old band boat chips, this “pop filter” chorus from an unfinished song we were gonna record live in a car one time] …

Then left of that is this mixer I bought to keep on the desk for such a day as today. Left of that you can see the monitor, which shows on the far right the play meters … and left of that you can see the OKP I believe! Look MA! It’s teh PA!

Here’s the old standby, Oscar, Oscar Schmidt hangin on the wall. My coworker from teh late 90s gave me that guitar, she said she couldn’t use it, I could have it! The piano was given to me by my cool aunt Terry. It is a Yamaha, as is the PA peeking up behind it standing on end … I think my dad sold me that PA. Sorry about the grainy f*cked up pic.

Here’s the bass … bought that almost 20 years ago, and it needs some help. High action right now like you read about, and old strings … it’s surrounded by the electric piano from the rock aunt, and the acoustic piano from my parents for my birthday in like 8th grade. I haven’t taken good care of it. :frowning: But - sorrybouthegrainypic

Here’s my kid’s First Act drum kit, with which I recorded one of my stronger drum performances in a little while … ahem … I mic’d it up kinda neat, you see, the track has some snap.
:smiley: Oh, sorry about the grainy picture broze.

Finally …

This is my ratty old set of headphones, gifted to me by my bride years ago, which still work GREAT actually, but the ear padding is just beginning to fray … my Dr. Seuss notepad that she also gave me, with my newly revised 2 year old song upon which I just put a fresh coat of no longer suck. Also to the right you can see the empty white rice/broccoli/corn/pepper plate, that shit stood no chance. To the left is the black book I’ve been trying to write with, Christmas gift from Tracie from work. And there’s Daffy on the left. Ernie got knocked over. Sorry about the paper towel, seems a little uncouth, and that’s kind of a grainy picture too, get your act together, gahd.

Anyway, I don’t always have my living room set up like this, but seeing as I did today, and as we were talking about it, here we are.


Hey cool pics man. Like the 8 track. I see Doors and highway to hell but cant make out the other two. Sadly, my current lone survivor is a road series Martin DM and some misc. pedals. Well not sadly, the Martin’s f’n awesome. Right now I’ looking at picking up a Schecter C1 EA Semi hollow body. Really dont want to spend over 800 on an electric. Especially, since I have to pick up another amp. Was able to get my hands on one recently at my local gs and felt pretty good. Loads of options: 2 humbuckers and a piezo for the acoustics. Plus, for the price, its absolutely beautiful as all hell. Downside is the pickups will probably need to get changed and its made in Korea as opposed to the US. Plus I’ve only owned solids so the extra feedback will take a bit to get used to. But thats also what I want. Heres a stock photo of the Shecter. A little too veged out right now to get up and take one of mine, but I take care of it and its in good shape.[attachment=0]_c230641_image_0.jpg[/attachment]

LOL~ I love that the 8-track art is what gets the comment. it’s (clockwise from top left) : KI$$ (debut), KI$$ “Love Gun”, Beatles’ “Revolver”, “The Best of ZZ Top”.

I nearly bought that thing myself! Maybe not the same model, but I was totally drawn to the Schecter by its sleek design … helps that it looks a little like the 'Doc perhaps … but I went to Guitar Center and plugged one in, and was disappointed. Probably a correct assessment on the pickups! It sounded like crap.

I hung it back up, and went to browse their used guitars and settled on this Godin I love that was a hundred dollars more. I figure I got the superior instrument because it surely retailed for even more.

Ironically, I now want to change the Godin’s pickups because I think it too sounds kinda crappy. It didn’t make the pics above btw, it stayed in the case that night.

Yea, I’ll admit the resemblance gets me too. Was searching around and came across the site Strange Design. How this one escaped me I have no idea but I am definitely going to check it out. Emil’s is wonderful and been a friend for years. Here’s the links if anyone is interested. … techniques

I’ve also read some really neat articles on how he used effects and different rigs over the years. When I come across them I’ll try to post ‘em.

I’m going to look at the step down from the C1 EA tomorrow…it’s a CSH 1 …the CSH 1 has duncan designed hb-101 pickups where as the EA has hb-102 pickups. Also, the EA has the piezo bridge, and the CSH1 does not. Its only 349.99$ and is obviously used since this model in particular was discontinued in 2007.

What are your thoughts on the CSH1 as opposed to the C1 EA? Are they pretty comparable? I’m kinda on a budget and I feel like this guitar has everything I would want. again, i’m going to the store tomorrow to try it out and what not, but i’m feeling pretty confident that it’s the one i want!

^ Hmm. That’s kinda a hard question to answer. They all have pros and cons so what fits one person may not fit another. Basically, you just have to get some time on it. Guitar stores are some of the few places left that will let you loiter around and play with their stuff. Compare it with others. I’ve gotten to the point where I can walk in and feel comfortable enough and know enough different stuff to waste a few hours there. Sometimes it sucs. Especially, when you get that rock guy show-off or those that look down on lesser players. I say Phuc em. Go in there and crank it up. Trust me the employees are used to it. Its kinda like learning to drive a stick shift. Those that don’t know have no place to pass judgment and those that do have been there. What I can do is give general advice on how to select a new guitar.

  1. Price does not always equal quality. For instance I’ve played with 2k martins that I think mine sound and feel better than. No seriously, But I also had mine worked on. When dealing with electrics there are so many more variables. And when your on a budget stock equipment is significant. Schecter’s lean more towards thrash (in my opinion) than say an Artcore (also good choice). But changing pick-ups will completely change how it sounds and responds. And if your planning on keeping it a while this might be something to consider. In my opinion Scecters have good “bones” for the price. See how the neck feels. How hard is it for you to make bar chords. Different neck sizes and actions will have a different feel for different size hands. Try high and low notes all over the place. Concentrate on the build and looks of the instrument. You can always upgrade parts to suit your tastes.

  2. If you find one you like try several of the same model, if available. Years ago I was talking with some guy outside the G.S. He was joking about some guy that came in and played Daytripper on every Tele in the store. Now I think back about it that was a good move. Theses things are put together buy humans and humans make errors. Grab the guitar and hold it up flat. Look down the fretboard from the body towards the headstock. You want to see all the frets even and parallel. No twisting or uneven spacing. That’s a very important thing and usually the first thing I do when I pick one up. Also, tune it with a tuner as perfect as you can get it. Some strings are old if its been on the shelf for a while and might be a little difficult. Play a string open, 12th fret, and 12th harmonic. They should all be the same pitch. Do this for all 6 strings. That’s important too. Another thing to do is fret the 1st and 12th. Look at it from the side over the 5th fret you should see about enough space to fit maybe a credit card under the low E and an even “bow or dip” towards the rest. This will give you the action set up and tell you if the neck has problems. Like uneven fret height.

  3. And finally, this is something a lot of folks don’t do. Go early or when its dead and play it unplugged. Hear the natural resonance on the instrument. The hollow bodys will sound louder and better than solids so keep that in mind. If it sounds bad unplugged then it will probably sound bad plugged But if it sounds wonderful and you can hear the natural overtones then you might just have a winner. The basics and DNA of the instrument are what you’re looking for.

After you make your purchase and get comfortable playing it, but its still not quite right, do a little research and try to take it to a shop and have them set it up for you. Its usually not that expensive and have them set it up with what ever gauge strings you like and action (height of the strings). And remember, Its more the player than the guitar. Trey himself could make a Fender Squire sound like the most bitchin guitar on earth, and I could sit down with Ocelot and hurt everyone’s ears. I’m definitely not an expert nor the end all be all and that Schecter looks good, but haven’t yet played one. Then you have amplification and effects, but that’s a whole different story. Hope this helps.

awesome…I appreciate the input! I went to the store and tried it out and loved everything about it. The playability, action, and versatility all stood out to me. Its got the duncan designed pickups in it, with 2 vol and 2 tone knobs. 2 of these knobs are designed to pull out, which allows for that single-coil strat sound, which is awesome! When the knobs are pushed in, the humbuckers are engaged. so with that said, the versality is great. the semi-hollow body gives it a little different tone than i’ve played before- a little more punchy while keeping the warmth of the tones. up and down the whole neck, the frets and playability felt great as well. Since i’m on a budget, the 360$ i paid for it was well worth it. I’m really pumped to become more acquanited with it, as i only have about 2 hours of playing on it. Believe it or not, the store I was playing it at didn’t have any overdrive pedals, so let me use a Rat distortion. Once I got home and plugged it into my set up (with my silver modded TS9) I was blown away.

I’ve started playing electric again. I play a Greg Bennett Malibu through an old Fender frontman. There is a dead spot on my fifth fret unfortunately. I don’t really like my electric guitar but thats what I have to play with others these days. It chords alright but I have no equipment so my tone for single note runs is never what I want it to be, but a good craftsman never blames his tools. My acoustic is a '53 Gibson LG. Love it. Has an almost ukulele like timbre.

My “jam group”, not really a band yet, has just learned Runaway Jim. All good except for the little fills after the chorus where everyone chases each other. That’s tough but a fun challenge to try and nail.

Bought this yesterday.

…and this the past weekend.

^makes me wish i had money

Great Thread

I agree Hose. I decided to learn the Travels part from the studio take, just as a challenge, keep my chops up etc. and you can totally tell in that vid. It’s a partial A chord at the 5th fret using open A string, its octave and the major third(C#), then moving to 7th fret, open A + B at the 9th fret and D at the 7th. The guy in that vid is following Emil’s tab which is what I’m using plus my ear for the iffy sections.

I’ll post some pics from the jam room in my house when I get a chance.

Henrietta, what axes are those?

Harry Hood has been learned. Confidence boosted. Not as hard as I thought it was going to be.