Guy Forget

I never met a man I couldn’t forget, except for Guy Forget…

I love this tune… Had some promise I suppose…

I don’t think it ever had it’s own music per say. They sing the lyrics over a Piper jam that can be heard in many other version’s from late 99-00. Perhap’s this jam that they played alot in Piper was just Guy Forget with no lyric’s? Damn them!

so confusing…isn’t it?

my wife hates when i sing this. she says its too repetitive.

I think it’s an actual song. I believed they sound checked with it more than once…

This song is probably the best part of the Vegas DVD.

yeah, probably.

I agree…

Uhhh buh buh! What about the god damn last Colonel Forbin’s > Mockingbird ever?!

It was also the last Guy Forget ever. :’(

this tune was cool to finally hear. nice placement in piper. even if it isn’t the music and sung over the jam, it’s still good though.

here he is…


this could go in the PHISH CONFESSION thread, but whatever.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song. Not ever on the Vegas DVD.

Sue me!

::sues you::
Seriously bro, grab that DVD and watch the Piper -> Guy Forget. It’s good stuff.

Very cool bustout. Maybe the coolest bustout of 2011. :thumbup:

I heard it teased at U.I.C. 2 before Twist started up. Fish sang a bit of it 1/1/11 as well?

Uhmm didn’t hear that at 1/1/11. Was awesome to see this song live though. This was almost as out-of-left-field as Fuck yer Face at Charlotte last year. I didn’t know what they were doing until Trey started singing it more clearly, as opposed to Fish’s mumblings.

just discovering how fucking awesome this tune is!

:think: And now we know how important Guy really is as Trey revealed that he is the Ghost… :think:

:clap: Greatest Bustout ever in my mind… :clap:

At least until full DEG is played… :shh: