Happy Birthday to the NorEaster

have a good one busta

dont do anything too outrageous

and hit up sts9 tomorrow


edit: today acutally… its today

Happy birthday, dude!

Northeast representin’!!!

have a blast!

happy birfday buster!

and Trey, right?

Happy Birthday Buster. Hope you have a good one.

Thanks guys!

I’ll be keepin’ it breezy!

And yes, Happy B-day to Trey as well!


have a good one.

Have a great birthday. On a Saturday too. That’s extra lucky. (When your birthday falls on a weekend you get four days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I swear it’s a Gregorian Calendar Law…or something.)

Or just good luck ehh… Have a great day!! Drink you some beers…

happy birthday, keddo…

Happy Birfday!! Don’t forget to segue into or out of Spine of the Dog.

^Hahaha, will do!


Happy Birthday!

Pigs can fly brahh.

Happy Birthday!!!



He shares a birthday with Eric Stoltz!? WOW! :mrgreen:

Happy Birthday!!!