Harry Hood


People say that YEM is the quintessential Phish song, but I feel this honor rests with Hood.

An awsome tune that probably reached its peak in about 1991. The vision I have of this song is not huge crowds and glowstick wars its small snowy venues in the late 80’s (another plug for my favorite harry 12/08/89). No Phunk no bullshit no hiatus no strung out wookies no “scene” just 4 guys rippin it up and in general lots of smooth sounding soundboards.

Yeah you said it
They earlier for Hood the better.
I love all versions from '89 to 93 when you can just feel them playing their hearts out.
Same with Slave you know they are playing and trying to make it, cause they haven’t yet. That is so different from when they realized they “made it.” Just two different eras

Hood is good.

matisyahu(Sp?) cites this as his favorite phish song. I love it too.

Harry! Harry!

Fort Collins 11-04-90 anyone?

^that’s my absolute favourite Hood…so melodious…

early hoods are always great, but my absolute favorite is actually from 12-1-94, as soon as i picked it up on livephish.com it became an instant addiction to go through that 2nd set and end with that hood. mMmMmM…HoOd…

post-hiatus “Hoods” can venture into some serious jamming, too.

but yeah a lot of the pre 1994 rip it up.

anyone ever notice marley’s “burning and looting” starts out nearly the exact same way as hood?

^It’s more of a snare drum in B&L but yes i have noticed it.

OK here it is. The best Harry ever is not an early version nor a post hiatus version but it is a 96 version. Clifford Ball day 1. Go Bulls!

I love the intro to this song! Listening to the 7/1/98 version, it’s really good.

To think this song was written about some mis-delivered mail and a dairy advertising character…

I think 94 is defanitly the year of the Hood. Check out 4/10/94 if you have not heard it. I swear it almost had me in tears. The Fort Collins one is good, but I think Hood does better when they have their tone has matured a little into the mid 90s sound.

haha! yes! finally some confirmation on the greatness of the 4.10.94 hood. thank you rivshark!

while i do love the noodlely goodness of early hoods, i tend to agree that 94 was the year. i was often disappointed by the later hoods… they tended to go from a high energy ambient jam straight into the vocals. hood is one of those that needs a solid, structured climax.

Hey, has anybody heard the hood from 7/25/03? I’m curious about how it was.

That’s a great hood!! One of the two post-hiatus versions that stretched past 20 minutes! (2.15.03 is the other one). I can’t break it down with much specifics, because I haven’t heard it in a while, but I know its good. If fact, a lot of summer 03 versions are good. (7.18 and 7.31 are great as well!)
Length isn’t always a sure sign of a good jam, but with hood, I think it is.

yeah, length in any song can either be a good or a bad thing…Like the long runaway jim, thats friggin great…but when it’s a long 30 min. jam that just goes into usless space, I think thats worthless.


“we’ll be back in EXACTLY 15 minutes … Don’t get caught in the bathroom … get ready to start your watches”

Harry Hood would be my dream 2nd set closer…I find it can get fairly tiresome as an encore song after a long set (11/30/95, 10/27/94) - The best hoods have always been second set middles or closers.