HD B&P / Vine

I said it before in another thread, I forget which one exactly… but I was filling up a HD for Thommy boy, and mentioned that I would be more than happy to send off a hard drive jacked with the Phish.

Well after loading it up, I came to the realization I have about 710 GBs of the Phish in the sexy lossless form.

If anyone wants to supply the hard drive, I would be more than happy to send it out as soon as possible.

You all decide on the size you want, obviously for all the Phish a 750gb is needed. For a TB I could include all the solo projects I have, and some other random stuff if wanted.

So… the offer is on the table, it is up to you all now. I would possibly suggest getting the vine list together, and then collecting money up. Just a suggestion however.


Not on my list at the moment is most of 1992, which I have all of in atleast one source.

Not sure if local Best Buys are different, but a 1.5TB SeaGate is on sale for 150 bucks.

I am picking one up for myself.

Not sure if anybody is interested in this offer…

I’d definitely be interested, but at the moment I’m a little short on money. Will this offer still be good in say, a month? Perhaps someone else could take up on it before myself? This is really nice of you Will, much appreciated.


Only time will tell, but I see no problem.

I did buy the 1.5TB (actually 1.31TB), and am loading all my Phish on there. The way it looked on Thom’s and the fact I rarely listened to it if it was on DVD made me quite the jealous guy.

cool will… i’m definitely interested. but like marco said, i’ll have to hold off for $$$ purposes. although my brother works at MicroCenter, so i’ll see if i can get a good deal on one

thanks dude

i, too, need to put some money together, but am definitely all for this.

this offer still on the table? cuz i think i’ll be getting a HD for my birthday in about a month, and I want to fill it with some Phish. Also, I can throw $10 or $20 towards a HD that will go around.

Still good.

tube, marco, yer thoughts?

anyone else?

i can throw 20 on a HD…

nice…we need like 4 more people.

maybe ill pm the other guys.

Okay. So far, we have 3 takers.

  1. me (colonelforbin)
  2. phishimiss
  3. marco
  4. ???
  5. ???

ill keep checkin

Like I said in Type Your Thoughts, I am moving… so hold off on sending anything for a month or so.


be careful moving by then I might have 30 :slight_smile:


haha no worries…i won’t have any room for these shows on my computer until i get a HD in like a month, so theres no rush.

Plus, at this rate we’ll probably only have about 4 people on the vine list in a month.

I’d ask where you’re moving and everything but instead i’ll just read type your thoughts :slight_smile:

  1. me (colonelforbin)
  2. phishimiss
  3. marco

Back on.

let me see if I’ve got this straight - each person who signs up tosses in some money for an external harddrive (either 750 or 1000 Gb), Will then fills the drive with Phishy goodness and sends it to the first person on the list, they copy it and send it on.

Who gets the harddrive at the end? the last person on the list? Will? should we hold a contest?

As far as I am concerned, I am considering this a b&p for anybody.

If you all want to set up a vine, it is all up to you.