Help Beta Test Open Source Virtual World

Hey All,
I am beta testing an open sourced virtual world server. Right now we are testing stand alone but at some point down the line the plan is to attach it to a larger grid and be more than 1 Sim in size. Right now I am testing on a 10 year old Pentium 4 desktop machine and it is going great with plenty of FPS, dynamic lighting, and full 3-D world experience. Eventually a modern processor will be used to scale accordingly.

If you like 3-D modelling, animating, texturing, scripting, or socializing, it might be of interest to you.

Beta testers will get some free land to build on when we go live. This is not for profit and nothing will ever be sold from our grid. It is all for fun, for my friends a world to inhabit and create in, for me, I get to geek out on computer stuff, hacking old gear and software together to make something useful.

If you are interested in beta testing any of this, please visit … cseen.html and sign up

make sure you let me know you heard about it on the pa when you sign up

thanks and have a great day.

I want my extra 10 seconds of that full hour.

I want more information you can give me or not.

this is on hold be not dead. pm me if interested or if ok with teamspeak to chat. this next, my new server is being executed, and i do want this. i just need willing participants. pm for teamspeak info

the server has been severely updated. amd phenom 2 6 core 1090t. 8 gigs ram. raid 1 across 3 HDS (platter, sorry, cant afford SSDs for a hobby)