Help promote the Oh Kee Pa!

Hey folks, I have a favour to ask any of you with a Google account. To promote the site and move it up the ranks on Google, I am asking that you do the following:

  1. Sign in to your Google account.

  2. Perform a couple of searches and click the little up arrow that appears on the search result for Oh Kee pa. Make sure it’s the result that displays as the address.

I will need you to perform the following searches:

phish message board - we are on page 9 currently, 2nd from top.

oh kee pa - we are on page 1, fifth from top.

Cheers all!


DO make sure you click Promote on the hit, not the old URL.

Btw, after I did the first search and promoted, I did the 2nd search and it was already shown at the top, with the promoted icon lit up.

done and done

it just appears that way to you while you’re logged in, if you log out of google and do the search again you can see where the site really is.

I will certainly do this, but isn’t there the risk of bringing in an enormous influx of people here? Not that I’m against more users necessarily, but we have a great thing going here, and I would hate to see it messed up by having threads that can’t be kept up with because there are too many people posting. I like it how we all know each other here, and it seems like if we bring in too many people, that could be thrown to the wayside.

Certainly don’t mean to go against you, Ian, I am just wondering if anyone else feels this way.

One doubts that moving us up on google search would bring in a mass influx of people. That being said, One does not know much about computers or promoting on google.

One shall do this later. At work right now, and this computer is quite old. It usually doesn’t do so well with signing into google. Luckily it’s alright with the 'pa though.

I did that…

oh kee pa was on first page, 4th

phish message board was on first page, 3rd!


::sips lemonade, puts feet up::


::takes feet off keyboard::

Thankyou troops! I don’t think some extra faces here will hurt us - I say let’s get all Phish fans together in one place. This place.

Obviously not the wooks.


Even guys like me that have a scary face?

I do feel the same way brah. I don’t think the Google search results will trigger a huge invasion, but I’m not for advertising the Pa directly. Besides, OKP is obviously pretty inclusive or I wouldn’t be allowed to remain :slight_smile:

Also, if we get people here who really suck, it becomes very apparent very quickly, and we can just chase them away. :smiling_imp:



done. this is a great site. anything else i can do to help let me know.


Done :clap:

done… it came up #1 when i searched ‘phish message board’


And I also don’t think it will add a huge influx of people as the “old” Oh kee pa already came up near top. I think its just so people find the right up-to-date site.

That’s because you put it up there.

Log out and you will see where it really stands.