Hood Milk Bottle

I purchased this one gallon glass Hood milk bottle, with styrofoam beads inside of it, at an antique store in Sturbridge MA about ten years ago. We had it displayed in the family room for a while, but it’s been relegated to a shelf in the basement for a number of years, and that seems a waste.

I would be glad to trade this to an interested Phish fan for any show from 2012 on CDs that you think is one of Phish’s best. PM me if you’re interested.

We should talk, I might be interested in this…

Very cool!

The bottle is on its way to mini soda as I type.

Ryan, don’t be too shocked by the way I packaged that baby. Used the boxes from our newly acquired Ninja blender and Ryobi power driver.

Ha! I eagerly await its arrival!

thank you for the Bottle. My wife was very impressed with it and the packing.

You rock!