Hosemasterflex Performs!

There’s this fantastic restaurant lounge in Plainville MA that has acquired my musical performance services for this evening. It is called The Tavern From Tower Square, and I begin shebanging at 7pm.

There are currently a great many original songs on tonight’s list, as well as at least two Phish tunes and a pair of Dead tunes.

I’ll be playing totally solo; three sets.

If I end up playing all the tunes I’ve picked out for tonight, it’s gonna rule. Most times I don’t get the chance to sit down and plan out my song selection like this. Tonight there should be a real flow, minimal dead air and better choices than usual … plus I’m rotating in songs I haven’t played, and leaving out stuff that’s overplayed.

Anyway I’m goin. I guess I won’t see you guys there, but if you stop in, be sure to come see me and tell me I sent ya.

If you would have announced this at 4:08pm, I would have been there.


Perhaps someone should upload some their shows for the Pa to hear :wink:

Yeah! Let’s get on that, guy.

Oh! Oh that’s me.


Playing the bar solo tonight; my brother’s filling in somewhere else. Woonsocket RI. 7.30pm; three sets. Start walkin.

Last night I played an open mic - first three songs from my newest CD. I felt like I nailed it last night. I talked the ear off the featured performer before leaving and we traded CDs. Then I ruined it all by listening to the rest of Coventry. :smiley:

Just throw on Set 2 of 12/6/97, as I am doing currently, and it will make up for that shite.

Good luck tonight K dog!! Shred to the max!!

Dudes. Played for some of my favorite people to play for tonight, in Waterbury CT. They love us out there (my brother and I, that is). We played a Jack & Jill party for 'em, two sets.

Phish songs covered:

Guelah Papyrus (sans Asse Festival! that’s a crazy bit that small time duos should be exempt from having to attempt)

Golgi Apparatus




Sample In A Jar

Chalkdust > Fluffhead (not travels, … but we did the reprise bit at the end.)

that was our encore actually … these people originally hired us years ago because they’re into Phish, and found out we cover some Phish songs. So they always ask for plenty of Phish.

The “Jill”/bride-to-be approached me during Chalkdust and said "You guys aren’t leaving here without playing ‘Fluffhead’ " … so I communicated to Mike that we should segue into Fluff, and we did, and it was a blast, and they loved it, and Fluffhead is still awesome.

Okay yeah. Awesome gig tonight. Mike and I talked about nothing but disc golf the whole 2 hour ride, both rides there and back, actually. My brother Mike’s really an amazing musician for a guy who isn’t really into music.

^Um, recording please?


whoa, stop yelling!


Um, mister Kevin, is there a recording of said jill+jack gig?

:frowning: nope. I need to buy one of these new portable digital recorders, man. My camera records, but kinda shittily.

I will, however, post my short set from San Diego, even though it’s from my camera. I had to record that one … had an apology to make.

^Did I mention how incredibly awesome that was?!!?!?

I played it for friends and my co-workers!


so, yah, POST SOME SHIT!!!

Thanks again for the shoutout, t’was dope

My pleasure man! That was fun, that whole thing. I’ll get that San Diego set uploaded asap! And I’ll have to be sure to get a digital recording device, that’s been my plan for months. I’d love to be sharing them Phish covers with dehr OKP. I even nailed the lyrics to Fee AND Cavern!

Yours Truly, Summer '08 with my friend Matt Brown, performing my smash hit Ladies and Gentlemen of the World, which has a chorus exactly like my current profile signature.

Please please click the ^song title and enjoy! [don’t know how to get a clickable image in here … ?]

And then consider me awesome and underrated! And friendly and nice!

Tonight! 8pm!

$5 gets you four acts; I’m one of ‘em. One o’ you dudes must live somewhat near Quincy?

My House Bar & Lounge
609 Washington St Quincy MA

I’m playing originals tonight, so you’re getting real art. Lots of times I’m playing covers out of necessity, but tonight’s my show, dangnugget.

come down to stonington and play for some rowdy liquid dead fans at setbreak at my place

Okay dudes. Here’s the skinny.

I’ve finally bought myself a Tascam DR-1, which is this portable digital recording device. Hopefully there will now be free live performance downloads for the whole wide world, and everyone will love it.

Tonight I ran a quick pre-gig test, just to get a feel for the machine. Here are my quick, first take performances of Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” and Phish’s “Oh Kee Pa Ceremony”, just for laughs.

I should be back soon to offer a gig from the coming weekend for download, free. I’m playing with Mike too, so it’s interactive rather than totally solo, which to me is more interesting.

Here you go! Feedback welcome, 'course.

http://www.mediafire.com/?mccmt0mjayt (< we belong together)

http://www.mediafire.com/?1syzgxzvcot (< Oh Kee Pa ceremony)

Please be forgiving - really just quick one-take tests before dinner.

where are you playing this weekend?

Good stuffs, Kenny.

^^Tavern from Tower Square in Plainville MA, 7pm - three sets. Tell me I sent ya.

^Thanks man :slight_smile:

Okay so tonight, 6/19/09, I play a solo set of original songs at Out Of The Blue art gallery in Cambridge, MA. $5 suggested donation, I go on second.

This is one of the coolest rooms I’ve ever played. It’s tiny, but it’s full of real listeners!

I’m planning to record it, and if all goes well I hope to offer it free 4 download for whoever’s interested.

Anyway, as always, everyone in the world is welcome. Unless you’re a radical terrorist or whatever. Psyched to play this place.

I’ve recorded last weekend’s gigs, but it was four gigs and it took so much time to process it all that I never uploaded anything. Sounds pretty good though, so I’m hopeful that tonight will go well.

Go to Cambridge! :slight_smile:

Kevin, you should totally post your TMBG acoustic covers… I haven’t heard those in a long time… Any other TMBG nerds on the OKP?