Hosemasterflex Performs!

So I recorded only the very first song of my set, because I weren’t smaht enuff to delete last weekend’s recordings from the SD card in the recorder.

But here’s the setlist, cuz why the hell not, right? Pretend you know all these songs and can’t believe how seck this setlist is.

ladies & gentlemen of the world
happen to be
mutually exclusive part 2
as it gets hot
nightgown of the sullen moon (They Might Be Giants)
gorgeous in the face
hardly solid softly pliable
the visible edge
some of these days (Shelton Brooks)
5000 >
capable of saying things
tube (Phish)
in the hazy glow of the mount’nous horizon

Next time I get to do June 19, 2009, I’m totally emptying the old data first.

^That setlist was SECK!

:slight_smile: It was like, chandeliers-dripping-onto-the-floor seck.

^My head was on the moon, apparently.

where can i grab this heady setlist?

It’s on page one … But maybe you missed the other page of the thread, so here’s more setlists than you’ll ever need in your life.

Silvia Brothers 6-12-2009
Tavern From Tower Square Plainville, MA
Back on the Train
Slip Slidin Away
No Rain
Angel From Montgomery
Steamroller Blues
No One Is To Blame

u dont mean the mediafire link on the first page right? if so its not giving me a link to the rest of your stuff.


3 sets of KISS tonight?

^^You wanna download? I’ll have to make some new links. I should get like, a mediafire account and keep these links live, does it work that way?

^Two sets of KISS, and set three will be evenly divided into Phish/Mariah Carey/They Might Be Giants/AC/DC. Encore: Triple-shot of Prince.

yeah just make a mediafire account

Here’s the exclusive setlist from Hosemasterflex’s private VIP-only super-secret mini-show last night. We even got to hear the Kevin Silvia debut of When Doves Cry (by request)

Set: We Belong Together*, When Doves Cry**, In the Hazy Glow of the Mount’nous Horizon

Encore: Kevin left in his car***

*Mariah Carey cover
**Prince cover; first time played
***It’s red

Great set, Kenny. Becky especially loved it


It was Rachael, right?

I Eric > Bonnie
II Nathan, Rachael, Trevor, Lisa
E: Directions back to Branch Ave were tight. First time played.

that oh kee pa on the last page was cool. i have the tab to that but give up after the first couple of bars. that’s gotta be way harder on acoustic too.

you, good sir have inspired me to practice more.

that ladies and gentlemen song is great too. really clever lyrics.

Sweet, thanks for listening man, & for the compliments!

I’ll get back in here with some downloads soon … gotta boot the wife and kids from the home PC one of these nights and just get it done.

Everyone in the greater Boston area should go here tomorrow night: http://outoftheblueartgallery.com/

Especially you, Kevin.

:slight_smile: Ya Dude

hey hose, i expect a listen in to my radio show this monday for peeping your tunes guy!

when are you gonna be in my area doing a show?


This is tonight!

106 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA

Nicholas Despo
Kevin Silvia
The Grass Gypsys
All The Animals
Crazy People

8pm ~ $5 suggested donation.

Refreshments. Art. Music.


Good times.

^^I’ll totally tune in on Monday.

sweeeeeet. the more the merrier!