How bout 4-29-90? (DVD)

I’m downloading this one now. It looks pro shot, 1 disc, one set.

April 29, 1990
Woodbury Ski & Raquet Club - Woodbury, CT
01 Carolina
02 Possum
03 Ya Mar
04 You Enjoy Myself
05 Dinner and a Movie >
06 Bouncing Around the Room
07 Uncle Pen
08 Divided Sky
09 Fluffhead
10 Walk Away
11 HYHU > Love You
12 Lizards (1)
13 Fire

Looks good to me.


Care for another trade? Whenever your ready, PM me if you would like anything I have.

I’m assuming the rest of the band is there since you labelled it Phish and not Trey Ansatasio.
And, does Trey have a mullet?

yea, its the whole band. I don’t know why the screenshots only show trey.

Ya its a sweet dvd very clean for 1990

I’m downloading that too, mine’s taking forever though!!! I can’t wait!

its a pretty sweet dvd…

a buddy of mine has it…me likey

where can i get/download this???

Please tell us!

im assuming “tradersden”…i could be wrong…no quotey me-ee on this.

dat be da place

i just finished my download


I actually watched this last night after my friends left and I was drunk off my ass at like 4:20 or thereabouts…I love that Carolina…Mike looks so cool with that hat…Definately one of my favorite, if not my all around favorite, DVD.

I’ve always wondered when watching the dvd if the enthusiastic young phans that are at this show saw shows till the end. I wonder where they are now.