How many shows have you seen? and....

What’s the most in a row you saw!

I think 180 somethin. I need to do my stats!
My biggest stretch was 27 straight between The Centrum 98 and Deer Creek 99.

If you take out the Japan 99 tour it’s 38 straight North American shows from Centrum 98 to Las Cruses 99.
10 straight months!

you win

game over

No shit…go big b!

I only saw 59. All between 93 till 2000.
I had no interest in post-hiatus Phish.
However, I am diggin’ Vida Blue, 70 Volt Parade, as well as Cactus’ many solo endeavors.

Actually my wife wins! 227 shows!


I usually do not like to play the number game, but considering that it is the subject of this thread
86 pre hiatus
14 post
longest run was summer of '98 which I think was 21 or 22 shows
I didn’t do the math prior to Coventry, but I realized after the fact that 8.15.04 was my 100th and last show.
I always wondered if I’d make it to triple digits

damn bigb thats a lot of shows!!! I’ve been to 56 not counting solo stuff…

I would really love gordo to do another solo tour…i missed out last time and damn does Inside In rocks!!!

The Cactus solo band shows was one of the best shows I have ever seen (Phish included). I think I mentioned this on here in some other post, but for me, that was the closest thing I could imagine to seeing a Zappa-esque performance. It was just plain amazing.

I got into Phish relatively late (fall/winter '99), and with college and usually working during the summer, I was only able to make it to 6 shows. 2 pre-hiatus, 4 post-hiatus.

However, 2 of the 6 shows have “legendary” status:
7-11-00 Deer Creek - my FIRST show. Pavillion, about 20 rows back, it was AMAZING.

7-29-03 Burgettstown - drove 7 hours to see the show and then after the show drove 7 hours home!

ghost420, 7-29-03 was one of my favorite post-hiatus Phish shows that I attended also. Not the best played, but wasn’t the first set an entire set of break out songs post-hiatus?

I remember Daniel Saw the Stone, Gotta Jibboo, Camel Walk… and now my mind has shut down the remembering section haha.


Yes, all the first set except Golgi contained songs that had not been played on that tour. I also remember a good “Cool it Down” it that first set.

The second set, to me, is OK, but not great. The C+P was the highlight in my opinion. Something else I found out later…that “Harpua” in the second set was the first one since 11.2.98…the Dark Side show…that just blows my mind to think we got to see the first “Harpua” in almost 5 years!!!

I had brought my buddy and it was his first (and only) Phish show. He can say he saw one of the better post-hiatus shows!!

Triple digits?! I wish I could have made it to double digits. (sigh…)

I only saw four shows… Gorge 2003 weekend and Coventry weekend.
I guess that would make my longest run two shows. Also my shortest run.




Considering present company, I’m a minor leaguer. But when I tell people I’ve seen a band 27 times they think I’m crazy. My longest run was 4-5 in summer 99. I did Camden on a Saturday, then I think they played 2 in Great Woods which I missed then came back to NJ at Holmdel for two that I saw and then made the trip to Oswego. I did quite a few 2 night runs though…

you saw camden '99? ? ?

It must make you feel somewhat great (although I’ve heard that show is regarded as “much maligned”) to know that a show you went to ended up being ‘officially’ released. I love the chalkdust, gin, and tweezer from that show!!! but other than those jams, yes, i hate to agree with the cynical critics - the rest of the show doesnt really do much for me.

what’s your take on actually being there!!!

Hated it. The first set was an absolute mess. Gin was good, Wilson wasn’t. The second set had so much promise with the Tweezer opener and the jam had all kinds of 2001 teases, as did the first set. That quickly derailed into Mountains in the Mist and then I don’t remember much else of the second set.
When I heard the opening of Fluffhead I screamed “Thank God!”…you can probably hear it on the Live Phish recording cuz it was the only show that I had good seats for. Fluffhead was really good.

The last show I had been to before this was NYE 98 about six months earlier. Great show but I hated the encore which was While My Guitar Gently Weeps. My friend and I bitched about it all winter and when he called it as the encore for this show I laughed. Little did I know…

It is easily the worst show I went to and was always a mystery why they released it, especially since both Holmdel shows that same week were awesome, the Merriweather show the night before was good, and I’m sure Great Woods was good.

I have the dubious distinction of having my two LEAST favorite shows ever released on Live Phish. The other is Darien Lake 2000. Because of a torrential downpour and crappy traffic planning in Western NY I missed the ENTIRE first set. As it turned out, the fantastic Suzy Greenberg>Jam to close the set was the only Suzy I could have seen. I ended up never seeing it.

first was 8.12.98, solid solid show. managed 44 in all, with a lot post-hiatus. thats nothing to brag about but im not complaining. caught 20 in 2003 and saw them in all 4 corners of the US that year (San Diego, Gorge, IT, Miami)…don’t think too many people could say that.

whoops…not counting austin city limits, i caught deer creek -> darien lake (2000) for 10 in a row, i think

That’s interesting…where was the central location you were traveling from???

WOW that sucks. Yeah the Suzy->Jam is definitely a highlight I like to listen to quite a bit. The second set started strong with Drowned->Jam->Crosseyed->Jam, but then everything after that is crap. I don’t even listen to it.

I have heard a lot of people question why 7.10.99 would be chosen as an official release…I don’t really wonder that because I enjoy listening to it (both sets are kind of short, but whatever). It’s not my favorite official release (11.27.98) but oh well. I heard Camden, particularly that part in which the amphitheatre was located, is shitty anyway.