I'm putting my foot down, chat issues.

As you can see at the top of the main page is a section called Chat Room. As far as I am concerned, this is the official place where our chat shall take place. I’m not trying to piss anyone off who may have created another means of us having live chat, I just felt things were getting a little out of my control. Time to bring it back down to earth.

a)It’s simple.

b)It’s fast.

c)It’s based on site.

d)It looks good.

e)We can see how many people are viewing it BEFORE we enter the chat.

f)It’s more or less fully customizable.

g)It’s passed mine and Glenn’s chat test earlier today.


Cletus, I love it! There was no one in there at the moment, but it looks perfect. Excellent job to all/whoever made it. I hope to see others in there soon too!

Way to go IAN! You da man…

Sweet, this is much better.

Nice one guys, good to hear something positive!

Any way to switch fonts or anything? It is kind of difficult to see who typed what without reading their name… And yes, I know I am lazy.

I like the fact that it is based here. I will be joining in on this room fer sure!

nice one.

The chat is really nice Cletus, I have been using it a lot more often and so ahve others, we get some nice conversations going in there! nice work!

One problem: you said we can see how many people are there before we join. That’s not true, I was in the chat with a couple of others (I think three?), and it said that there was only one person viewing the chat…

this goes for me to

As far as I was aware, this would have been true as the board should say how many people are viewing each section. However, I think in order for us to have something similar to this, we have to upgrade our account from a basic to a Professional, Platinum or Enterprise which will give us extra features such as “Who’s Chatting?”.

Now cough up your money.


I say lets take down the other two chat threads below this one. Do we need to vote on it?

No, no vote needed now. Just delete them.


The chat is awesome. Enough said.


We should set up a group chat time like 8 on fridays once a week and try to get a few more people in the room

i think that’s a pretty good idea, although I don’t know about the whole 8 on fridays thing. maybe like 8 or 9 during the week…wed or thur?

There was a partay the other night.