ISO 11/27/92


11/27/92 or 11/28/92??

Thanks! :thumbup:

Got them both.

I would send them out, but I already have a ton of gifts I have yet to send out (I have not forgot about all of yous!)

So I could b&p them for ya.

… ?

I could put them on too.


::wonders when Brett will want this again::

I think it is safe to say we can talk about Brett in here without him being any the wiser.

So… anyone hear any good giant jokes?


I hear he smells like a monkey.

And looks like one too.


You having fun playing with yourself in here, Will?

I always have fun when I am playing with myself.



Will smells like a tub '0 cheese :bulb:

I take it you don’t want these anymore :question:

No i really do!! It’s actually for a friend who is compiling a bunch of shows.


I also have these shows. And BTW if these were the shows you were going to try to get for me, they are clearly the wrong ones, because I have them. And they are big fat oprah titties. I believe you might have gotten these dates confused with the ones I said you should check out…then again maybe you’ve made enough enemies here that if they knew they were for you they wouldn’t give them to you.

hahaha, ths was for you actually

I also have asked for some others.