ISO: 12/31/99 DVD B+P for Newbie

Hi All,
This is a big ask but anyone who can help out, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m a long time DMB fan and have recently gotten into Phish in a big way - I purchased 12.1.94, 12.31.95 and 12.29.97 from Live Phish and have been listening to them non-stop.

I live in Australia and was wondering if anyone could help me out in obtaining the fan DVD for 12.31.99 Big Cypress via B+P.



Yeah I would love to get my hands on that as well. The thing is this was just seeded at lossless legs. It’s like a 25 gig file or something crazy like that. I don’t have a DVD burner so I have no way to really get this thing on a DVD. Bummer. Hopefully we’ll hear from someone else who has this.

I have this on 4 dual-layered DVD’s. I currently have no DL discs, but am willing to do a B&P for it. My only hesitation is that I am moving next week, so if it’s possible to wait a couple weeks, I’d ask that you bear with me.

That’s awesome, thanks so much! Let me know once your done with the move ;D

Hey Swartzbaugh, can I still take you up on your generous offer?

Sorry, I thought I’d be set up to do this for you, but I have a bunch of stuff still in storage :frowning: It’s been a long couple of months without direct access to my collection. I’ll try to keep this in mind when it gets liberated. Again, sorry for the tease. It really is a great glimpse at that wonderful week. has it

Here’s the link to the Trader’s Den torrent:

thanks for the link :slight_smile: