ISO : Extra Human Faces

With Fall Tour being right around the corner, I’m getting the feeling some serious face melting music is on the horizon.

Face melting is a serious issue, so I hope this won’t taken lightly

Please ONLY faces ages 18-24, good condition, goatees OK; dirty sanchez-esque mustaches not OK; sideburns will have to be evaluated via picture.

how much you offering?

This will definitely happen. Teh Phish is on FIRE.

Who has extra human feces?

sometimes i have an extra 2-3 a day :blush:

I’d love to loan you mine, but it got melted off last night. :crazy:

This is age discrimination! :astonished: :thumbdown:

still looking to stock up for summer tour…

Yup, i did… :wave:

I think this guy knows where to get one for ya


Everytime I see the thread title, I think you’re looking for extra human feces. :eh: :think:

edit: I guess I’m not the only one. Me no read whole thread

how is your quest going? :sunglasses:

Bump for Holiday run! :sunglasses:

Any exrtas for UIC?

pei-yi took his face as payment for the tix