ISO Halloween Duval Poster

Looking for the Duval poster from 10/31
I can Paypal you right away. Reasonable offers please.

It sold out while I was in line to get it.
Can anyone help me out?
I would be forever grateful. Thanks!

Bids starting at 50.00 … 0463579260

Bid starting at 25.00 … 0545824970

2 bids pushed this one to 56.00 … 0611945209

Thanks Will.
I’m already tracking one of those,…but I’ll add the others too.

But maybe someone on here has an extra that they are willing to part with?
Help a ohkeepa member out! :ugeek:

good luck man, wish we could have met up. I grabbed a poster outside of the venue which I loved, got number 50 of 50. I’ll have to get a picture up of it.

Erin Cadigan made these from what I can read for her name. I really dug this one :thumbup: $30

I have one I’m looking to trade for a NYE ticket or sell for the right price. make me an offer.


I don’t have NYE tickets,…but I can offer you $.
Check your PM’s and let me know.

I’m getting married in 1 week so I hope you understand I can’t give you that much over the original price.
But I am willing to make it worth your while. Let me know. :wave:

I’ll just stick my head in and say the only rule here, no scalping on OhKeeBay.

Enjoy your days!

Yeah,…looks like its not gonna happen for me here.

oh well,…I understand.

Let me try this again,…If anyone can sell me one for a reasonable price I’d appreciate it.

I have your poster still in tube with all three PTBM stubs and the phish bill.
I am looking for a 12/30…