ISO phish 7/16/94

Sugarbush Summerstage, North Fayston, VT

can somebody point me to where i can download a good audience recording of this? i couldn’t find it on etree.


I can upload this source for ya when I get home:

Assuming I remember :slight_smile:

cool man! thanks a lot.
i clicked on your link and then clicked the bt.e torrent link and added it to my torrents. should it start downloading as soon as you upload it or am i doing it wrong?

Only checked out to 99.8%, but I can guarantee I have the full show.

And I am seeding :thumbup:

thank you kind sir, can’t wait to hear that giant comet crash into jupiter again. :slight_smile:

one question though, on my torrent list it says

seeds 0 (0) peers 1(2)

what does that exactly mean? i figured this stuff out enough to get what i want to hear but i’m still kinda dumb about all of it.

Well, seeds are people just sitting there seeding it at 100%.

Peers are people not quite to 100%.

Since mine didn’t check to 100%, it is saying I still need to finish the download, so I am not a seed.

Don’t worry though, I know I have everything you need.

what are the parentheses for? sorry for all the questions, i’d just like to know more about how this stuff works.

That I am not entirely sure of…

I think the number outside the parentheses are the people you are connected to, and the ones inside are people on the torrent that you are not connected to.

I could be totally wrong, but that is what I gather.

favorite antelope ever

yeah i haven’t heard this one in a while. i used to have the livephish release but lost it and i really like audience recordings anyways (as long as they are good).

i do remember the antelope being pretty awesome though.

thanks a lot will! i’m burning it right now. :thumbup:

weird, traders little helper won’t decode these two .shn files
ph94-07-16d2t08 error while transfering data (likely file is truncated or otherwise corrupt, or disk is full).
ph94-07-16d3t01 file is not a supported type of audio file or is corrupt.
any ideas?

i think those two are scent of a mule and harry hood. i got the antelope and harpua which is what i was really wanting to hear so if there’s no way to get the other two it’s no biggie.

That may have been why it didn’t check completely, but I know my source passes the DB checksum.

I can upload those two for you shortly.

cool, should i just leave the torrent open or what?

No, I got them uploaded to sendspace, just need to get to my home computer to see what the links are.



got em! :thumbup: