ISO "Two Soundchecks" & "White Tape" vinyl from SBIX

anyone able to help a brotha out?

i guess they’re going to be selling a repress of the Two Soundchecks 7" vinyl at SuperBall… i’m sure the scene at the JEMP Record Store on-site is going to be nutty for it, but if someone is already planning on making a run at it i’d appreciate it!

oh, and i’d totally be interested in the White Tape LP also!!!

anyway, post or PM or emailzzzzz… whatevzz. 'preciate it :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in the vinyl pieces available at the festival.

Would pay for yours and mine plus shipping.

Would be way cool to help me out.

Thanks and Go Phish!

^i have no idea what is going on in this reply but uh thanks for bumping the impossible quest for a reasonable copy of Two Soundchecks :wave: