Jimmy Fallon

I’m often late to the party, but this guy’s music covers/impressions/parodies/sketches are so fantastic, how could they not have their own thread? Plus, he is often backed up by one of the most talented bands working today, The Roots!

I’ll begin with the ones I already posted in Type your Thoughts. I will try to show some restraint after that because there are many and they are all gold.




The office supplies they use are ingenious. Scissors, ripping paper, phone tone. I’m not even sure what some of the other things are.





My favorite.


I can’t stand Michael McDonald but that triple-Michael sketch is pretty hilarious.

And we need to post every one of Jimmy’s Neil Young sketches…he absolutely KILLS those. It’s hard to find but his best is doing the theme for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Was that the real Michael McDonald on the left?? Freaking hysterical. The Doors is good too, I’ve seen that one.




The History of Rap with Justin Timberlake is amazing.

^Ya, I’ve seen that one too. Excellent.

LOVE that Bob Dylan one…Fallon frickin killed it.

Call Me Maybe

History of Rap Pts 1-4

I absolutely LOVE his bits, I have supported him since day one, I think he is becoming a very good lat night host… Just wish he would not “laugh/react” so intensely to guests comments…

He is solid though, and this thread is :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

If there is one gripe to Fallon, it’s his interviews where he tries to be best friends with every guest even if they’re douchebags. That’s where Kimmel shines since he’s not afraid to mock a stuffy guest if they’re saying something dumb. That’s kinda the same difference between Leno and Letterman too…guess it all goes in cycles.

Yeah, part of the reason I didn’t really like him before was his seeming inability to play anything straight when he was on SNL. He often smiled or laughed during sketches and they were usually unfunny to begin with. I determined that it became a “thing” they would do purposefully to try and win over the audience during subpar sketches (which were most). He is also at the bottom of my Weekend Update anchor list. The musical stuff is where he shines. Actually, the Barry Gibb Talk Show skits with Timberlake were the only redeeming thing I saw from him during his SNL days, even if there was character breaking. There are really no good videos of them on youtube for me to post here because SNL is greedy with their shit. Here is a link to one of them:


And here is Van Morrison

^BWAHAHAH! That is excellent.

It’s weird with Fallon since I wouldn’t call him an “imitation guy” like with Dana Carvey or something but he kills it on imitating these artists.

Though the best SNL one ever is John Belushi doing Joe Cocker…wish I could find a decent video of it. SO good.

^ didn’t he do that with Cocker too? Classic.

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Thankfully that hasn’t much caught on here. We just associate it with green and drinking.

wow we really must be off; I always thought St patricks Day was in March.

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This isn’t a Jimmy Fallon creation, but this performance is from his show. I think what I like most about this song is that the chorus part with the different noises reminds me of the Arrested Development chicken dance. The actual video for this song is also pretty great.



I am happy for Jimmy Fallon that he’s the next ‘chosen one’ to host the Tonight Show.

Kinda shitty what happened to Conan, but in the scheme of things, I prefer Fallon’s show over Conan’s.

Let’s face it, one of them had Phish on, the other didn’t.

I like Fallon… but if I were him I wouldn’t feel extremely comfortable with this switch. I highly enjoy his show, but his interviews are sub-par.

Him being Lorne Michaels poster boy is about the only thing saving him me thinks.