"Joy" and "Party Time" subforums?

Sorry if this has been asked before.

The new Phish album comes out in less than three weeks. “Joy” proper drops on September 8th, and the Joy Box containing “Party Time!” comes out in early October.

I have two questions:

First, now that “I Been Around” has been played at SPAC, we’ve finally heard everything on “Joy”. Could a board for “Joy” (under Album Discussion) be created now, or should it wait until the studio album comes out?

Second, should “Party Time!” get its own forum? I personally think so; it’s full of new material, and it comes out a month after the actual album. Even though it’s currently a bonus feature for Joy, the box itself is limited and I’d bet money that a while after it goes out of print the “Party Time!” album will show up on the LivePhish store.

“Joy” now has its own board in album discussion…

Hooray! A new forum beneath “Undermind!”.

Phish is officially back.