just a thought

this place is really awesome…thanks. have you ever been to panicstream.com? i feel like they have some good things going on there…chat, stream, ect…just thought maybe we could incorporate some of their ideas. just a thought…i love the OKP…thanks again
lloyd :thumbup: :thumbdown: ?

We have a chat at the bottom of the main page.

We used to have a radio, but antellama disappeared. I think he was hosting it or something… But that was years ago.

And there was that one porno stream we had…

I thinks it was called HANKy Panky? :wave:




:arrow_right: I’m with stupid.




Need the 'llama!


OKP chat rules!

Posting in every thread is cool once in a while! But not really the day after someone else does it!

Touche salesman! But, I had never thought of the idea, plus I did it when I was inebriated. So I plead ignorance on that one :smiley:


Where is the antellamaradio?!?!?!

This place stinks!

ill get his ass on it don’t worry

I was thinking, it would be cool if the OKP could start paying me to post on here, since they are sooooo informative and educational. Just a thought…oh and also, if it could walk my fucking dogs in the winter. That shit sucks. :thumbup: