Let's get kind of organized in here...

So how about some basic guidelines for this area of the board? Some ideas I have are:

Anybody with an ISO (in search of) should start a new thread with a heading that says something like “ISO mm/dd/yyyy city, state” or something to that effect. The only reason for anybody to put an ISO in a reply would be if they were looking for the same show. Don’t imbed your own ISO eight replies down on someone else’s.

Though it may be kind of a pain in the ass for those of us with lots of shows, it would also be good to post lists of what each of us already has. Chronological order is really cool.

Trades should mostly be arranged through personal messages so that everyone else doesn’t need to wade through pages of negotiations.

Can anybody think of other ways that we could make this area more efficient?

Sounds good to me, rasta!

Organization is key…

I think i once wrote a paper in a careers class about how organization is key.

I’d like to post my list. I have an Excel document with all my stuff in chronological order. How can I post the document? My list is CDR I have tapes too, though that aren’t listed

I’d save it as a word document and paste it into your post.

I’d definitely be interested in some SBD shows if anyone has any…I can’t offer much in trades because my collection consists mainly of the LivePhish series and other shows that most people already have…any ideas!??

Offer B&P

See…this goes to the heart of the sub-culture surrounding Phish… “want to hear a show? simply put together blanks and postage and you’ll get your show”

I love it. The generosity and camaraderie (sp) is overwhelming. Kudos to EVERYONE.

so…what are you getting at ghost? you need some shows? pm me…glad to BnP fer you…

ps…cd’s only…cant burn dvd’s as of yet…

i will definately burn some for you…let me know!! please, i want to see them badly

Ok, some one please help me with some technological talk.
I tried downloading off et.tree.org, or whatever that site is, and i was totally confused. They are always talking about torrents. what are torrents??? How different is downloading these shows than how I do it on nugs.net, where I just click on a song and download it.
This info would really help me expand my pre-hiatus collection. Thank you

Here is the best explaination I’ve found. This is what helped me start downloading torrents.


^Reading the FAQ’s are the only way to understand it…it’s how I got it.

I tried to explain Torrents to someone on line once and confused them more than anything… :o

I wish there was (and think there should be) a thread for people who just want to expand their collection, and aren’t looking for a specific show. I’d be like a “newbie collector’s thread”

Well… You could always make a post requesting multiple shows and then send blanks.

I have made a couple of Xmas gift packages for CemeteryRoses and eaf288.

Maybe ‘ISO: Anything and Everything’ is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

just a heads up folks
i have access to almost every single show possible
everthing from 94 on
and most of the early stuff
hit me up for spicifics