Lightajo on DittyTV … htajo.html

Here it is, a whole hour of proshot, sbd Lightajo delight for your eyes and ears. Enjoy it to the fullest.

I want my extra 10 seconds of that full hour.

Just kidding, awesome stuff!

Did that go pronounce the name correctly? I always imagined a soft J sound.

^I’m not sure if that’s a nod to the old Lightajo thread or if you’re really asking. It is a Hard J, sir. Real Hard.

It has been a while, I was really asking.


Lightajo is definitely probably possibly my favorite band on this here OKP, since the dawn of time. So you got that going for ya.

I’m just a moron.

I think I have more information on this issue. May help you

A random spammer led me here

I like it: