List of Shows


1/11/83(space antelope)
83-12-02 Burlington, VT
84-11-03 Burlington, VT
*84-12-01 Burlington, VT
*85-05-03 Plainsfield, VT
85-10-30 Burlington, VT
85-11-14 Burlington, VT
85-11-23 Plainfield, VT
86-02-03 Burlington, VT
86-10-12 Plainfield, VT
*86-10-15 Plainsfield, VT
86-10-31 Plainfield, VT
*86-12-06 Plainfield, VT (2)
87-00-00 “Trey Demo - Gamehendge”
87-02-13 Johnson, VT
87-02-21 Burlington, VT
87-03-23 Burlington, VT
87-04-24 Burlington, VT
*87-04-29 Burlington, VT
87-05-11 Burlington, VT
87-05-20 Burlington, VT
87-08-09 Burlington, VT
87-08-10 Burlington, VT
87-08-21 Hebron, NY
87-08-29 Shelborne, VT
87-09-27 Canton, NY
87-10-14 Burlington, VT
87-11-18 Burlington, VT
87-11-19 Burlington, VT
88-01-27 Waitsfield, VT
88-02-07 Burlington, VT
88-02-08 Burlington, VT
88-02-24 Waitsfield, VT
88-02-26 Burlington, VT
88-03-11 Johnson, VT
*88-03-12 Burlington, VT
88-03-21 Burlington, VT
88-04-22 Burlington, VT
88-05-14 Plainfield, VT
*88-05-15 Hinesburg, VT
*88-05-21 Burlington, VT
88-05-23 Burlington, VT
88-05-25 Burlington, VT
88-06-15 Burlington, VT
88-06-18 Burlington, VT
88-06-20 Burlington, VT
88-06-21 Burlington, VT
88-06-24 Burlington, VT
88-07-12 Burlington, VT
88-08-06 Telluride, CO
89-01-26 Boston, MA
*89-03-12 Burlington, VT (Set I)
89-03-30 Burlington, VT
89-04-20 Amherst, MA
*89-05-05 Clinton, NY
89-05-26 Rutland, VT
*89-05-28 Hebron, NY
*89-08-12 Burlington, VT
*89-08-26 Townshend, VT (LP)
89-09-09 Bennington, VT
*89-10-07 Lewiston, ME
*89-10-20 Burlington, VT
*89-11-09 Williamstown, MA
*90-01-28 Burlington, VT
*90-02-16 Boston, MA
*90-02-22 Keene, NH (Set I)
*90-02-23 Haverford, CT
*90-03-08 Saratoga, NY
90-06-01 Atlanta, GA
*90-06-08 Philadelphia, PA
90-06-16 Townshend, VT
*90-06-17 “Wendell Studio Sessions”
*90-09-13 Wetlands, NY
*90-09-21 Somerville, MA
*90-09-22 Amherst, MA
*90-10-04 Durham, NH
*90-10-06 Port Chester, NY
*90-10-08 Washington DC, MD
*90-10-30 Crested Butte, CO
*90-10-31 Colorado Springs, CO
*90-11-02 Boulder, CO
*90-11-03 Boulder, CO
*90-11-04 Fort Collins, CO
90-11-08 Madison, WI
*90-11-16 Providence, RI
*90-11-17 Sommerville, MA
90-11-24 Port Chester, NY
*90-11-26 Ithaca, NY
*91-02-03 Burlington, VT (2)
*91-02-08 Portsmouth, NH
*91-03-13 Boulder, CO
*91-03-15 Denver, CO
*91-03-16 Breckenridge, CO
*91-03-17 Aspen, CO
*91-03-22 Steamboat Springs, CO
*91-05-03 Somerville, MA
*91-05-04 Somerville, MA
*91-07-11 Burlington, VT
*91-07-12 Keene, NH (2) (LP)
*91-07-14 Townshend, VT
91-07-21 Parksville, NY
91-08-03 Auburn, ME
*91-09-28 Buffalo, NY
91-10-03 Champaign, IL
*91-10-13 Olympia WA
*91-11-01 Denver, CO
*91-11-02 Fort Collins, CO
*91-11-12 Athens, GA
*91-11-15 Charlottesville, VA (Set I)
*91-12-06 Middlebury, VT (SDCK)
*91-12-31 Worcester, MA

*92-03-01 (Practice Session in Fishman


now change me back to brown Brian. I know YOU did it.

I swear I didn’t do it. (my name is brian too if you are talking to me)

i was talking to you.

unless you want me to refer to you as Ron?

Bigdude…is the text under your avatar saying that you learned how to have sex by watching Ron Jeremy’s porn?

no i didnt ‘learn’ from Ron, although I can emulate his stroke perfectly, its actually the stroke i use 90% of the time in the sack. The text under my avatar is from the Dave Chappelle skit wheere Ron jeremy makes an appearence.

here is the link:

its hilarious, you need to watch it.

The story is Dave does a skit about what if the internet was a real place you could go, like a shopping mall. So dave is walking through this mall and he sees Ron. They stop and Ron asks Dave if he wants to see Ron have sex. Dave says no, then ron says “you want to see paris hilton have sex with her boyfriend?” Dave says yes. They walk into this room and come back out.

Then ron says “Are you sure you dont want to see me have sex? I do a great doggy style.”
Dave says “I know Ron! I got my stroke from you. Enough with the porn!”.

Then some guy walks up to Dave and asks “you want to see naked pictures of halle berry in swordfish?”
Dave says " OF COURSE I DO!" and they walk off and it continues. It’s on YOUTUBE lemme find it.

i mean, if you think about it, the creativity behind that skit is great. what IF the internet was an actual mall?

Many a purps now…hmmmmm

So…Dave Chappelle learned how to have sex by watching Ron’s pr0n?


How did the PURP happen?.. I missed it… lmao

i cant wait, POOOSSSSTTTT…

here you go, start with this and add about 200 shows.

sorry for the double post…

we decided to wait until project 80’s has concluded on etree (presented by the wonderful shnfamily) so that every 80s show in circulation can be sent around in the archive package. they are almost done with 88 right now so i give it another 4-5 weeks or so.

^ i like the way you think :-* thanks again for your efforts, can’t wait for this to kick off (but will gladly wait for such a good reason)

How do you spell THE MEN? BOOZTRALR…bigdudenthedoorway…

no worries man, we’ll be here…

…waiting…for as long as it takes. this is not something to rush or be impatient about.

what the hell is this thread?

[i]scratches head


^ Very good response Brad… And to wait for GOLD is worth it…

man, you really slung from the hip on that one!