Looking for a good qulity audio copy of big cypres

I downloaded a copy of the legendary NYE at Big Cypress from Phishows but the qulity is pretty shitty. I was wondering if anyone out there has better qulity copy of the show or a link to one I might be able to get. thanks.

MP3 = waste of time when looking for really good quality.



Will, do you own these copies? And if so, are they fairly nicely done? I have some from 2000, shortly after I retunrded from the shows, but the quality is low…

As good as it gets. I like them.

12 cd’s worth or so, correct?

5 + 8 = 13


I was planning on downloading this and converting it to MP3 so that I can put it on my iPod. So, what would you recommend instead of that in order to still be able to put it on my iPod without sacrificing too much quality?

mp3 player = mp3’s…

although I think some can use WAV files, which are larger than shn/flac, but keep the quality.

^An Ipod can do Wav files and AAC files. They take up a shit load of space, so I wouldn’t plan on having ALL of Cypress on your Ipod all the time. I usually rotate shows in and out every couple weeks. WAVs is the way to go.

you will not notice much difference at this point unless you use high quality headsets…

Why “at this point”?

It’s always been the same… mp3’s cut off the top and bottom ends to save space.

I definitely use them now for Zune purposes… but it is pretty noticeable if you do an A-B test.

At this point meaning compared to some recordings and the media you use etc… I know there is a difference but if your using a MP3 player with cheap headphones…

This is what you want for your ipod…Remastered and they sound great. :thumbup:


And it comes tracked and with album art.

^Have the same source. Great stuff.

This guy takes AUD recordings and remasters them. Uploads different formats, taboot. Here’s the index of shows from his blog incase you’d like to downlaod the first night of Cypress or one of the others he’s done:


WOW, thank you so MUCH~~~~~ :thumbup:

^Ryan…I sent that to you weeks ago!

^I saw that last night. I’ll be honest life has been hectic lately and I forgot… I owe you a beer for sure! Thank you so much!!! :thumbup: