Looking for a show

Does anyone out there have a copy of Phish July 8, 1999 VA Beach? It was my first Phish show and have been trying to get a copy of it for a while now.

I got this one, would be happy to do a b&p.


BTW, Stone Brewery is awesome :slight_smile:

thanks man!! Shoot me the p.o. box and how much postage is it from here (central VA) to where you are?

Have a cup of coffee and catch your breath!


dropped b&p in the mail today.

thanks again man!!!

Package received.

Will PM me about maybe a few Blind Melon B&P’s please? Love ya!

I’ve been meaning to burn you some for a while.

I am having major burning issues, have tried many times… and it just doesn’t work. I have three different drives to use as well.

I need to bring my hard drives into work and then burn stuff.

I owe golgusapparati & katiemay some stuff as well, I am the suck!

No, no no worries on my end et al… I am just thinking it would be the un-suck… Whenever you have the ability, no worries… I like balloons… :wave:


do you have any allman brothers in your stash? Have been looking for 9/15/98 Richmond VA for a while.

thanks again!

Not much lossless at all… I got a HUGE stack of MP3 discs… if I can find that next time I head to my parents I could send that to you… Would need postage for it though, but I will give the CDs for free… I am pretty sure I backed them all up.

thanks man! Will try to get that to you soon. How come the VA Beach show progress? Can’t wait to listen to that show again!

Waiting til tomorrow to drop it off in the mail box.

YES! How many MP3 discs are we talking? Just want to make sure i send enough postage.

Thanks again for sharing the show. Check out my blog sometime…this show will surely be on there in the coming weeks.


I believe it is a 50 disc spindle, and it almost filled. I would imagine in the 35-45 range??

Still waiting on the discs…How long should I wait before sending another set of b&p?

I replied to your pm (no worries)…did it come through? PM’s have been sketchy, if not the gist of it is that all is well and no problem. Let me know when you drop them in the mail.

In the mail!


Oh yeah, you too!!