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^Just trying to effe with you my friend! LMAO… :wave:

Oh, and Stonefan… I am hoping the package is received.

I added a few stamps to it.

For a b&p, you should ALWAYS put stamps on the return envelope. Those print-out stickers are technically only to be shipped from the zip code it says on the sticker.

So… we shall see. I may receive the package back in a couple days (no mail today)

no s**t! Sorry about that! will know for next time…apologies in advance if it gets hosed up. :blush:

No problem, gotta learn at some point, right?

Added an extra show taboot, just for being slow on this. :angel:

dude you are awesome…what else can I say. :clap: I really appreciate that. What show is it?

Can’t wait…hopefully the mailman comes through today.

Widespread Panic 08/13/06
Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL

Set I
Pusherman > Hatfield > Rock, Weight Of The World > Nobody’s Loss > This Part Of Town > One Kind Favor, From The Cradle > Fishwater
Set II
Goodpeople, Driving Song > Disco > Don’t Be Denied > Surprise Valley > Jam > Driving Song > Impossible > Drums > Arleen > Papa’s Home > Space Wrangler, Tennessee Before Daylight > Chilly Water
E: End Of The Show > Last Dance
Entire show with John Keane on guitar/pedal steel, Sam Holt on guitar/vocals
[Only ‘Tennessee Before Daylight’]

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That is a hell of a set list! I have been looking for a good Hatfield! Only one I have is from Live at the Classic City album.

I saw four shows in a row (Cleveland/ChicagoX3), and Sam Holt impressed me more than anyone in a long time.

The second set to ^^that show was my favorite of the four nights… serious heat!

A recap of that great week:



Thanks again buddy!!

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Second package received!

Thanks a ton for the ABB show, look forward to hearing it.

Gonna do a little investigation to see if I can find a great show with those three songs you mentioned. Will keep you up to date on my findings.

No rush my friend!! The setlist (pretty sure I forgot to include it) is:


  1. Black Hearted Woman
  2. Sailin’ 'Cross The Devil’s Sea
  3. I’m Not Crying
  4. Blue Sky
  5. Statesboro Blues
  6. Please Call Home
  7. Trouble No More
  8. True Gravity

Disc 2
9. Steady Rolling Man
10. Everyday
11. Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad
12. Come On In My Kitchen
13. Melissa

14. Don’t Want You No More
15. It’s Not My Cross To Bear
16. Change My Way of Living
17. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
18. No One To Run With

Nice set list…

phishinsky - it was even better in person. Willing to trade for some great Phish if you’re interseted.

Maybe, I am looking into some shows here, thanks for the offer! I’ll be around and be in touch…

Burning the discs now, hope you enjoy.

I included one of my favorite shows of all time, which includes my absolute favorite Antelope. It also has a very good Wilson. Threw in an extra disc too, which has the Harry Hood intro… so I almost fulfilled all your requests! :thumbup:

Info files below:

(the '85 show is the show where Mike realized he wanted to play music forever)

:clap: Thanks again!! I cant wait to get the show…not only does it have Antelope and Wilson, but has a lot of other songs that I dont have yet!!!

Thanks again buddy!!!

Wait until you hear the Whipping Post Jam… :open_mouth: