Looking For Show

I’m looking for a copy of Phish @ The Beacon 04.15.1994.
Sick show, Giant Country Horns grace the stage 3 tracks into the second set.

I’ve checked on this set on a few download sites including Live Phish.

Any help would be most appreciated.

One of my top six shows that I was at. I know I have it somewhere. I just lost my Ipod in AC a couple of weeks ago, so I might only be able to tell you where to get it. Let me look…

Thank you thank you thank you!
Glad to know you were at the show itself as well!
I almost have tears in my eyes everytime I hear the Horns walk on stage.
I can’t imagine how insane being there might have been.

Ok, I can’t find it on Mp3 or CD. Which means it was an analog (not sure where they all are at this min).
Download this for your Horn fix (megaup)!!!


I’ll keep looking.

Damn I wish they would have played Alumni at this show! Got the jam and everything. I think I’ve got this one if you want me to do a B & P or whatever.

B & P?
Yes if you do have this show that would be great.

Yup I’ve definitely got this show! PM me your information and I can get the ball rolling.

Found it on Phishows.com. Listening to it at work right now. You can download it there!!

They did!!!

Got it. Thanks heads!