Lots of cool shows...

Don’t know if this has been posted before, but I just stumbled on it. There are some cool little audio nuggets for download. :sunglasses:


Very nice!! That Van Morrison show is TOP-SHELF stuff.

Thanks. Downloading that Traffic show right now.

I got several very nice shows from this site. Thanks for sharing doojer!

Thanks for the link! DLin’ the '94 Bloomington Bluegrass set right now!

would anyone like to make some suggestions?

being 20 my music knowledge is only so limited.

been waiting to hear that clapton/winwood - downloading now

Obviously music is pretty objective. What may be gold to me, is nonsense to others.

In my opinion, the best of that site (which is a lot) is:

The Band
Bob Marley 1975
Elton John
Garaj Mahal
Guns N Roses (seriously, those 80’s shows are ALL unbelievable)
Legion of Mary
Talking Heads
Tom Wait 1975
Tool (both)
Van Morrison

Got the Talking Heads, Traffic, and Van the man, and all i can say is “Yeah BOYYYYYYYYYY”

there’s alot there that I’m a fan of. Like I said, there’s only so much music I’ve heard in my time here on Earth. Since the reunion announcement I’ve been engorging myself in Phish because to be honest, my knowledge wasn’t nearly as up to par with teh Phishies as it is now.

Your right, live GnR form the 80’s is insane. My boss is a huge fan and he tells me stories about how Axel would come out an hour after the scheduled start, the first five rows were all being treated to free Jim Beam leading up to the start of the show, it was just a madhouse.

But being a fan of 95% of the bands you listeed (the other 5% i haven’t heard before), I’m going to go ahead and give it all a shot.

Thanks for the suggestions Will.

wow great link thanks for sharin’ with the pa

Thanks alot man this is cool

sugarmegs.org The alpha and omega of streaming.
bt.etree.org source for that quality 44.1 you know you want it
tradersden.com I found the elusive Club Eastbrook dvd here. nuff said
phishows.com omg did I break protocol here.
weenradio.com painting your web brown

thanks dooj… for some reason i’ve never heard of this site :thumbup: