"Masters of Fu" shirt


I didn’t even know this shirt existed - very nice! Has anyone here ever seen this shirt around? Or own it? It was made by Ames and is based off the ad used for some of the Fall '97 tour stops, including Cleveland, which I snipped out of the music newspaper back then. I’d definitely drop some coin if I could find it…

I know Brett has the OG with tour dates. My sister in law got me the blue retro from 2003. It is out of print so your best bet is ebay or go to any and every phan site you can and make ISO threads! Good luck!

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My roommate in college had that shirt. Pretty classic. I have a concert bill from Vegas (they sold a reproduction on drygoods a year or 2 back) with that design. I bought it for the quote “No one will be admitted during the last 10 minutes due to the incredible ending!”

Thanks for the info, people.

^ There’s a t-shirt exactly like that print on sale at Wolfgang’s Vault; it’s been there for a long while. I never seriously considered purchasing it because it has that Las Vegas date on it, and I wasn’t there…


It’s pretty expensive, but it seems like everything is on that site. :-/

Their shirts are quality, though.

^ what is it, double the original price?

thats not that bad, i thought it would be more

^ Those shirts were made probably a few years ago. I think.

I guess prices are relative, but anytime a new, or ‘retro’ style, t-shirt is north of $30, it kind of freaks me out.

^ i hear ya on that
i remember when it came out
i wouldn’t pay that much, but if someone really wanted it and its out of print
go for it

It’s back…


:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

fake retro… :laughing:

I got the original along with 4 other shirts from that tour. I like the new blue.

Yeah I’m buying this retro shirt cauz I is a noob from 2.0 and didn’t experience the real phish :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, love the shirt mainly for the “destroys america” and the dates of probably my 2 or 3 of my favorite shows the band has ever played. I’ll just pretend that I lost the original shirt back in the day to a crazed wook in a horrible bet that ended at gun point, so I had to buy the new one :cry: :shifty: