Maybe This is Going Too Far

I know it would be a ton of work and would probably take up way more space than we have available to do it, but I think that a nice companion board to our Individual Song Discussion (which I love btw), might be an Individual Show Board. I know it might not make sense as a lot of shows very few of us have ever heard, especially pre-93 or so, so what we could do it make it so that we initially will have a thread for every show from '93 on, and people can add shows as they see fit to each year pre-'93.

This would make the OKP the ULTIMATE phish site (not that it isn’t already)…imagine the Companion basically composed by the OKP. In each thread we can have the setlist and then people can post their opinions/memories/misc facts about the show that maybe even the companion may have missed, plus we can go all the way up to coventry.

I know this would be a huge undertaking, but I’m willing to pitch in and help. There are probably some kinks that I haven’t thought of yet, but it would be kickass to just be listening to a show and be able to read comments in the thread for that show and post your own.

Who’s with me?

That is a top idea…but it would mean the LivePhish board which I love deadly would have no reason to exist. It’s nice and general…we can talk about anything to do with the live experience there, be it shows, antics, thoughts…

Just some feedback there GR…although I like the idea of the OKP companion, perhaps it could supplement the (hopefully) impending OKP archive…


^ Yeah, you are right. But we amalgamate all the shows that we currently have discussed in the LivePhish area into a “Shows” section that can eventually be filled up with every show. If you notice in that section, most of the threads aren’t really dedicated to individual shows, so there would definately still be a need for that section, just it could be divided up into “Shows”, “General Live Phish” and maybe “Tours” or put the “Individual Songs” in that section as well.

^These are good points, but the undertaking might kill IAN…lol… Anyhow, there is a spot for it but is there a way to make it easy to do and access… Maybe by years of FIVE. You know 90-95 / 95-00 etc…

GR, great idea. We already talk about individual shows in the “What Show Are You Listening To Now” thread. An Individual Show Board would be just what we’ve been moving towards. Reviews, memories, etc, etc. I may have had my doubts before the Individual Song Discussion thread, but, Ian, now I am sure that you are capable of such greatness.

Terrible idea!! Jesus, man, I’m on here a lot but that’s just too many boards and threads to deal with. I have a hard time getting around to post in the Individual Song Discussion boards as it is…


Yes, but who cares?

I’m FAR from hearing every show, but I would love to hear experiences.

And does this board really take up that much space? It’s basically typing and some pictures.

I love the idea, but it seems like quite the task to put together.

To say it is a terrible idea is a tad much. It would be some undertaking, but I’ll ber there are ways to make it work or make it easy…


Greg…that was kinda cynical! The whole world isn’t Catcher in the Rye you know…

^Wait that surprised you? ha ha…

That’s not cynical at all, it’s realistic. Do you want to have to deal with a board for every single Phish show?? That’s too much. At the most I’d say have a board for every year.

Ian fled…I don’t think he’s coming back anyway.

^I see that, Hence the fact I suggested FIVE YEAR SPANS…

That is all.

bump :wink:

I think it would be cool.

i dont thin id want this…just too much


Ian, you could just start an Individual Show Discussion. We can fill in the rest. We just have to agree to only ONE thread per show. If someone starts 12-29-97 before you, then you just have to reply in there. All reviews, memories, etc, etc, in one thread. Just check the list before you post, and start a new show thread if necessary. Is there really an issue with the size of the entire board having a limit on the Proboards server? Like you said, Will, basically typing and some pictures.