'Me No Are No Nice Girl’ shirts

The first shirt made exclusively for the ladies, ‘Me No Are No Nice Girl’ shirts were designed by Jiggs as a play on the lyrics from Mike’s Song. A little rainbow and some lightning around the words signify that there is more than meets the eye. The shirt is printed on ‘baby-doll’ style tees and are 100% cotton. The cost for this shirt is $18 with free shipping and a free sticker with each purchase.

This is a pre-order for this shirt which ends next week on 4/25. Shirts will ship in the first two weeks of May.

Order here - phanart.net/?p=8561

I knew some girls who sold these as tank tops on 99 summer tour minus the rainbows. :wave:

in creating the PhanArt book i never came across them. got a pic?

^ I’m sure I could tell you about tons of lot gear that never graced your pages. Sorry no pic. Trust me it happened.

i dont doubt you could. if you want to share some stuff that was made, hit me up, phanart@gmail. there was likely many shirts from the early 90s that was too damaged to make it to 2004 when i started collecting

Just look at any of Jiggs stuff, his is all hand me down ideas and designs that already existed :thumbup:

I like the Iron Maiden “My Friend, My Friend” one that I bought. Never saw that one before.

Brett just loves to dig.

Diggin for Fire!! :smiling_imp:

I liked that one too. Too bad my size was out of stock when I wanted to purchase… :frowning: