Member Pictures

I thought it might make it cool, and a bit more of a community, if we posted pictures of ourselves on the board…I’LL START

So maybe this picture isn’t all real, but i am in it nonetheless (far right…like you might think i was someone else)

My TORTURED ARTIST pic from a music website.

Me and my wife at Shoreline '03. Front row baby! :smiley:

Security does not let you hug the rail at Shoreline but the security guy closest to us let us get a picture! That photo was taken during Reba in the first set. Here is a more recent photo. My other passion is collecting old Air Jordan’s!

just do it man…who cares

here’ another of me thats not digitally altered at a recent show with my band


That’s me on day 2 at IT…The reason I look so pissed is cuz I got separated b/c my friend Mike was doing about 100-110 mph on 95 thru Maine. We caught up to him, passed him at about 120 to show how fast he waws going and then he got off at the next exit behind us…
He took the picture. I still don;t know how we found him. Here’s another more interesting pic…

good thing i apologized to your dog…here’s one of my dog, Bubba

OKEY DOKEY…we as a community now have a photobucket account

username: ohkeepah

For the password: PM me
(we don’t want it falling into the wrong hands)

i’ve made it easy for you guys, now lets get to posting

It’s LaMont YO! Don’t step on his J’s or it’s yer ass! :wink:

OK GUYS…I made a photobucket account for all of us members here. PLEASE USE IT. PM me for the password to the account. The username as you guys know is “ohkeepah”

if you have any questions abpout how to use it let me know, or someone else who knows, i’m sure, could help you out

PEACE (use it!)

A photo of me at a meeting just before Ale number 5 and a tequila shot!

Rockin out at Big Summer Classic in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Me with the Les Paul.

And of course, me and my spec John Lennon C58 Ric325.


jammin on my 6 string

Here’s a picture of me with Derek Trucks!! Taken in NYC last year.


me w the love of my life:

me in southie on st pattys day:

me on the boat… cant really see me but i think its just a phatty pic