Members in their official Oh Kee Pa Shirts

post a pic of yourself in your brand new oh kee pa shirt if you got one!



I want a shirt. I missed out on getting one. My mom is leaving for the states this Saturday. Is there any chance we can put another order in for whoever missed out? Since my mum will be in the states, I figure payment might be easier and safer. I don’t know. I want a shirt. What’s on the back side?

Another order, huh? Well, when all the funds finish dribbling in from this one, we’ll see where we’re at. It can probbably happen soon. Hey, I have an idea for a thread…

I’ll snap a pic this weekend and get it up early next week! I love mine!


so no one loses the thread…

if i don’t see more pictures of people in their new shirts im going to post a picture of my ass. you have 72 hours.

^Ok.?.?.? Nice Oh Kee Pa shirt.

HAHAHAHA! That’s my brother if anyone wonders what that was all about.

Could we have a countdown clock for Zoot Horn Rollo’s ass? Maybe something that reveals it in increments as we approach the deadline…
Has anyone seen ZHR’s ass? Should we be wishing for it? – or wishing for our shirts to arrive.

Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

8 hours until zoot’s ass

I know more of you have your shirts…wear them proudly…Mine’s going up here as soon as I get it.



First is the VERNIXX as a redneck-on-acid look aka Terry The Cable Guy:

Here’s a more civilized pic of my daughter Victoria and I at home:

I guess I shoulda cleaned her face before snapping a pic…but that’s kids…sloppy pasta eaters.

Man I look stoned in that second pic…

Nice pics, excellent shirts.

I realize this will sound supremely creepy from a 21 year old male, but your daughter is cute. And I mean that in a purely platonic, Mike Gordon-sort of way.


You so crazy, greg______________.

You can take her backstage and take pictures of her, but expect a Harley Davidson-rider-styled pummelling! ;D