Members in their official Oh Kee Pa Shirts

Neil can you sew? You could always cut out the important parts of your old shirt and sew it onto a shirt that actually fits you. I mean, you’ll destroy the original shirt, but at least you’ll be getting use out of a shirt that will otherwise sit in your closet and collect dust. If you can’t sew, there’s always iron on glue sheets or whatever they’re called. Either way, you can customize it however you want to. I think it’d be pretty sweet!

Send it to Ollie, she knows how to play mom!

thats a sick shirt idea!

Are OKP shirts still in production? I want to sport one for Red Rocks :smiley:

^yeah i’d like an OKP shirt if they’re around tooo

One just ordered a custom OKP T-shirt from :slight_smile:

A black and white T with the OKP Logo Neil posted above and the “Oh Kee Pa Lounge” + “Feelin’ Breezy” designs Sloth posted on page 12 on the back of the shirt.

Only took a few minutes. $23 dollars total with free shipping.

That sounds pretty cool.

Will was rocking his at Star Lake, and I think I saw in some pics Marianne was wearing hers. Always good to see the PA represented.

Brian (gamecat) represented Sunday at Alpine.

sorry fellas didnt see you needed these…

Oh yeah! I ran into him walking from the Green Lot to the gates. I saw some guy walking by in an OKP shirt, so I obviously stopped him. Not only are the shirts freaking awesome, they serve a purpose! Would have never known it was him without it…

Drinkin moonshine in the Knoxville lot.

ok so maybe its just homemade wine that Ollie’s BF’s dad made…but its moonshine to me!

^that shit was good!! Way to go Holt’s dad!!!

Marianne representin’!!

You know it!
It was great meeting you adam.

Alpine Night II

Phishinsky, I, and Tube47

PHG, myself, & willbreathes

Looking good Marianne!

lol, phishinsky looks so feminine in that pic

sorry buddy!


is there still a site to order shirts from?

i’ve tried looking around and haven’t really found anything

… there never was a site.

I need to get myself an oh kee pa shirt.