Members in their official Oh Kee Pa Shirts

I need to get myself an oh kee pa shirt.

ok so im guessing no one is going to take orders for shirts…so…i saved the graphics on my computer and i am going to go look around where i live for somewhere that made shirts…ill get back with what i found in a few days

ahhh!!! when did One pull this off?

The shirt came just a few days ago. :slight_smile:

Thanks for those graphics, man.

Looking sharp!

i guess i should post this in here too, since devin is wearing the OKP shirt

me and him @ The Gorge

we do seem to be growing in number anyway, cult like status has still yet to be achieved, only after a real “oh kee pa” ceremony has taken place with all members present can we be a cult.

My third eye is saying to put on these slippers, try on this white robe, and there is a fountain that flows with unlimited blue Kool-Aid.

I was always a fan of the red…blue never was my bag.

This picture makes me very happy for some reason. Must be some form of parental reflection.

how does one acquire one of these shirts?

See, this picture makes me sad.
Must be some form of sibling jealousy. :slight_smile: :wink:

I love the Gorge so much.
Looking good Brad & Devin!

This is me after sitting in traffic for an hour this morning just to find out my class was canceled :frowning: brrrrr! it’s cold!

Feelin’ Breezy!!!


Just got my shirt a couple days ago…lovin it. Lookin good Barb!

yeah matty… where’s your pic? and eric & jae & keith & andy??? wow… slackers :laughing: j/k

Hmm… :wonders when I’ll throw up my new shirt photo Barb so nicely got me:

:thinks about deleting hobo pic of myself: :laughing:

& ryan there is a pic of you in your shirt on here :wink: i’m too lazy however to find it & repost :sunglasses:

Rule: When you get your new OKP shirt from Barb, you have to post a pic of yourself in it or you get docked 2,500 Pepsi Points.