MIA Oh Kee Pa Members

Over the past couple of months some people have bounced on us…where are they now???

Vernixx: i guess he makes occasional drops every now and then
Rasta: hes sick i believe…updates?
AxillaPt: where is our the oh kee pa’s child?
Phishreference: where is the Doctor?
TimmySkells: where is the other TLD?

ill update the list soon…

^ Vern was here last night spooks…

^wahahoidsa;ldashfdhasf;daus fhfdfh;kjefhaeur!!!

aen sheifen das buhntaf ghuden heimer schleiffen!!!

I love you spooks :smiley:

We all do

(especially neck)

spooks is what bumps me in the night.

don’t forget thnkfstpal! :wink: good old spooks… he’s the glue to our woodblocks. why we’re gluing woodblocks, i don’t know.

yeah, i noticed he was missing too. but he also created alot of controversy to the board with his random reunion threads. but nevertheless, he is MIA.

and thanks guys, i love you too. a lot. like…a whole lot…um…yeah

[color=pink]Spooks leaves room in akward silence. Cletus has a queer smile on his face as if something weird just happened. Fluffy Farts. Antellama smokes a bowl

thinkfstpal made a stupid thread. Thats why hes no longer with us. That thread is the worst in the entire time I’ve been around, not very long but what ever.

Arf :smiley:

i can’t stop laughing.

i can tell

Let us devote this thread to how much we love spooks instead.

YAY! Spooks :smiley:

we love spooks.

^i really cant follow that.

Spooks is teh coolest and teh gheyest.

Word to that.

Timmy seems to be alive and well while living the good life:


Last login was…today.

Maybe he did so many drugs he forgot about the OKP?

Yeah, but what has spooks done LATELY?