MIDWEST REGION - Rnd 1 (#5 Chalkdust v. #12 Wedge)


bobbing on the surface.

had to go with chalkdust here.

had to.

you shoulda too, will…i’ll make your decisions from now on.

::shakes fist::

you bastard!!

wait, icc…you dont dance.

This one’s tough.

Except it isn’t at all.


With Limestone blocks so large!
Good enough for me.

Wedge has Phish written all over it, but Chalkdust is one of the greatest rock songs ever composed. Gotta go with, “Can I live while I’m young?”

Also, contrary to some of my other posts, Wedge can totally make a show when they play it, and Chalkdust doesn’t as much of the time. When Chalkdust does “make” a show though it makes it one of legends.

^I’m with Icc and Golden again on this one.

The Wedge is a wonderful song, but a good Chalkdust absolutely brings the best out in Phish.

Chalkdust to close out a set--------> Bliss. Always leave’em wanting more.

I just like Wedge better as a song. A Chalkdust jam can be the perfect thing to blow someone’s mind with, but that don’t make it a better tune.

Wedge’s chords, melody, groove and lyric are all superior IMO.

It doesn’t rock as hard, but I mean … that’s what Van Halen is for.

Gotta go with Wedge here. Damn it’s catchy. Plus it’s good on the album AND live. There’s a few rock songs that they can replace with Chalkdust and you’d have the same time of rockin tune. Not so with Wedge.

Hopefully this region won’t contain the dreaded 5/12 upset.

The East region was a blowout, as well it should have been.

The only other chances are if “Free” upsets “Coil,” or if “Guyute” upsets “Possum,” neither of which I see happening.

Chalkdust bores me as a song.

Hopefully this region will contain the inevitbale 5/12 upset.

chalk dust is just rockin’.

even though Chalkdust can be really great, most of the time its just standard rocking.

Wedge is perfectly unique and beautiful, and its one of those songs that made me realize how genious Phish is.

My vote is going for Wedge, even though all of my votes seem to be in the minority!! Damn!

I like Chalkdust and all, but you just can’t compare it with The Wedge. I personally don’t think you can compare anything after Rift with anything before it, but that’s just my lone opinion. Carry on.

But Chalkdust is before Rift.


Or is she saying that YEM, Divided Sky, David Bowie and Run Like an Antelope can’t be compared to the greatness of Jennifer Dances?

Touche’, although I was thinking Junta when i typed that. Perhaps The Wedge being on Rift made me brainfart. Hell, I’ll be honest, I don’t even remember what I was trying to say there, so strike that entire comment. Hi, my name is Ollie and I just discovered Phish last week :slight_smile: