Most Underrated Phish Song

If this can be answered:

Most underrated Phish song.

I’m going to have to give my vote to Billy Breathes. Perhaps, I’m grossly mistaken, but I haven’t heard too much about this gem. Honestly, I’ve skipped many of the nine preceding tracks during my most recent Billy Breathes (the album) sessions.

—>Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of the album w/ Cactus’ mug on the cover :sunglasses:

(please excuse the semi-rant)

I think the entire album RIFT is highly under rated…at least on this board and by fans in general.

It’s a fucking amazing album all the way through. I listened to it recently on a road trip with my Son (who is a big Phish fan, too…go figure, eh). It’s now his favorite album. He highjacked my copy and plays it all the time. Thank god I got my copy of Lawnboy back from him for now…
RIFT is a classic that is highly underated on this board, I do believe.

As for BILLY…I love that album also! the title track is beauty!

You know…UNDERMIND is quite an underated tune…

Most underrated Phish tune… “Suzy Greenberg”… especially on the horn tour.

suzie greenberg is fuckin sweet! i defintly don’t hear that song enough




^ Definately Lifeboy…when it appears as that breath of fresh air after 20-4o minutes of HARD jamming…it can just lift you up…ie. 8/13/96 Deer Creek Mikes > Lifeboy

Other than that…NICU maybe…Colonel Forbin’s…everyone of course loves the rants in the middle, but the song itself is just pure magic…but I don’t think we have a tendency to underrate many songs at all…

i would say nicu is pretty underrated it really lets page shine, and we don’t see enough page IMO.


I always felt I could identify with the lyrics for some reason.

I think Maze is pretty underrated. It has an really cool jam even though the song is a little tweaked, but thats why I love it. I guess it would suck if you were tripping and heard that song, but it still a nice little mind fuck, and keeps me on my toes when i’m walking down the streets of NYC listenin to my IPod. BUt Maze needs some credit, especially when they end it like a cartoon show and then bust into Fee.

crowd control
this song has been bashed in so many places, but i love it

^ no one mentions it because it was such a rarity. But it is a fantasic song. Very Underrated

i would have to vote for slave to the traffic light. this song barely gets discussed on this board and i dont think ive ever heard a bad version of it. i also feel jesus just left chicago is another overlooked (cover) song. its so mellow to start then the page/trey solo sections just rip every time.

definitely vultures

and i totally agree about slave too

i’m going with rift…the song

that is such and amazing fast-paced, well structured and well built song…great solos and great vocal switchoffs between trey and page

i’d have to agree with ‘billy breathes’. the boys seemed like they really used the studio environment well, its probably the best on the album.also love the slave.
but what about my friend my friend?

My Friend My Friend never really did to much for me live. It is just to dark “like those new milky ways”.

For this, I salute you.

Everyone who doesn’t like this song should spend a little bit of time with ‘Specimens of Beauty’ and watch how much fun Phish have with it.

But I think my vote (today) has to go to Sleep.

Just based on the Fav. Gamehenge song poll, my vote now goes to Col. Forbins Ascent…It is one of Trey’s most complex compositions and one of Phish’s highest energy songs…Can you tell by my Avatar/quotes that I’m a bit obsessed at this point?

I don’t have Specimens of Beauty, I bought Undermind through itunes to get the bonus song (which is unimpressive), and now you can’t get Specimens :’(