most unexpected/unique segue

Post what you feel was the most unique and/or unexpected segue that Phish ever pulled off.
Unique has to be the Houses In Motion -> Seen And Not Seen from Halloween 96. The way the jam strips down to only clapping and then builds up again. Oh and I feel like, more than any other thing from that night, the jam in Houses In Motion predicts the funk direction of '97. Lots of wah from Trey, lots of effects and loops. The Horns add a great touch to it–parts of it feel like Miles Davis’s ‘Bitches Brew.’
As for unexpected, I feel like anytime they segue into ‘NICU’ it comes out of nowhere. I’m especially thinking 10/30/98 and 12/14/95, when it comes out of a winding ‘Tweezer’ and an experimental ‘Halley’s Comet.’ Feels like they just “end up in NICU” without any kind of plan at all.

8-8-98 sneaking sally > guyute
11-21-97 emotional rescue > SOAM
8-17-97 great went day 2 buffalo bill > nicu > weigh > guyute
12-01-95 halley’s > mike’s > weekapaug > mango

Off the top of my head I think of 2-22-03 in Cincinnati, Piper -> Weekapaug Groove, with NO Mike’s Song in this show.

However, Mike’s was played the night before in the same arena, but I never expected how amazing the PiperPaug was.

as far as beauty, 12.31.95 Weekapaug -> Sea and Sand. ohh, gorgeous!!!

11.21.98 (HCA) Boogie On–>NICU

12.7.97 AC/DC Bag–>Psycho Killer
-was this planned??

7.10.99 Chalkdust–>Roggae
-This jam in chalkdust just soars, then they bring it down quite a few notches to a slower song…eh.

In response to the AC/DC Bag -> Psycho Killer: no, it wasn’t planned. There was some quote I read somewhere in which one of the band mentioned it specifically as a time when they let things happened and ended up in another song.

I find that as another reason why Phish is just plain amazing. Of course they jammed “Psycho Killer” many times, but I wonder what the rest of the band was thinking once Trey started the lyrics. They pulled it off very well also (from listening to the tapes).

YES, I agree - Phish can weave in and out of songs seamlessly and I don’t think people realize how much talent it takes to make it look that easy!

Same thing with “Mirror in the Bathroom” on 11.27.98…that appeared out of a solid “Chalkdust” and I always wonder…planned?

I don’t think so. You can hear Mike teasing it pretty early in that Chalkdust so I think everyone collectively went “once we get to the jam segment…”

someone posted on one of the threads some video clips of the boys in action. i believe on the 2nd one there is a clip of the 11.27.98 chalkdust -> mirror in the bathroom. mike looks at trey like “holy shit!”. i loved it!!!

I’ll look on the threads, but if you read this, tell me where to look cuz I’d love to see it too!!!

all right, hold on. let me find it.

ok. it is located in the general phish discussion thread under “phish concert videos”.

this is the link that it provides

i just checked the site and their gone! wierd

4/5/98: Maze -> Shafty* -> Possum^ -> Cavern^^

bring on the funk! :slight_smile:

Someone else mentioned this on another thread that the “soundcheck contest” on was actually from spring island tour '98. if this is true, bring it on! i’d love to hear that shit!

6/17/95 Mound > Tweezer > Johnny B. Goode > Tweezer
11/14/95 Stash > Manteca > Stash > Dog Faced Boy > Stash!!! One of my Favorites.

Just look at the whole year of '95 for some crazy fucking segues! Including one Tweezer > My Generation > Tweezer Reprise (45 minutes!!)

Unexpected = Bathtub Gin > The Real Me 12-29-95 What the?
Unique = Ghost > Slave 7-4-99 Just beautiful and perfect!

“Wolfman’s -> Sneakin’ Sally” seemed to be a good one.

This is my third post on this show in the last 24 hours, but 7.22.97 “Disease ->Mike’s” is worth posting 3 times about. Get this show for the audience reaction alone.