MSG NYE Pick 33 Game 2011!

So you might remember this from such monumental 3.0 runs as Hampton, Miami and MSG 2010. Its a fun little game that I thought I would revive for this year’s MSG run.

Here is how it works. everyone picks 4 first set openers, 4 first set closers, 4 second set openers, 4 second set closers, 4 encores, 10 miscellaneous songs to be played wherever, as well as a third set opener and closer and the song that will follow Auld Lang Syne on New Year’s Eve. Here is how the point scale would work.

5 points per song correct
10 bonus points if it is played in the exact spot you called it. (I.E second set closer)
15 bonus points if it is a song that has not been played in 100+ shows. (I.E. Shafty) - this is a great resource:

Tie breaker will be total # of songs played in the 4 night run.

Example 1

Jennifer Dances is on your list for the second set closer on 12/30 night but they don’t play it until mid first set on 12/31. You get the 5 points for the song plus the 15 bonus points.

Example 2

Summer of '89 is on your list as just a miscellaneous song but they encore with it 12/30. You only get the 5 points.

Example 3.

You choose Friday as the second set opener on 12/31 and it hits.
that would be a 30 pointer.

Teases do not count. And if you guess Forbin’s, Mockingbird it will count as 2 guesses. Same with Horse, Silent etc.

As far as accurate song facts go i will use to go by, when determining what point value a song gets.

[size=150]Please PM me all entries. Please PM me all entries. Any entry posted in this thread will be deleted.[/size]

Here is a template

1st set opener

1st set closer

2nd set opener

2nd set closer

3rd set opener

Auld Lang Syne >

3rd set closer



Tie Breaker/total number of songs played during the 4 night run.

YOU HAVE UNTIL 11:59 am EST 12/28 to get them to me. Remember to PM your entry to my inbox. Any entry i see on this page will be deleted. GOOD LUCK and may the best OKPer win!

P.S. I pinky swear not to look at your guesses until my guesses are in (PM’d to Will for safe keeping)


^yer loss.

tis a fun game. I shall make my picks in the coming days (haven’t peeked at anybody else’s picks yet, pinky swear remains true).

Just 2 more days to get your picks in!

out of curisousity, how many entries so far? also, do you score by hand or use a program of some sort?

I’m in like Flynn.

Brother of Quinn, the eskimo.

this year is pretty quiet, only abour 5 or 6 so far (with a few promised ones on the way), which is nice because I am scoring manually and any more than 10-15 would just be annoying, or I would have to learn how to use one of them calculating machines. :wave:

keep 'm coming, OKP! It is Phishmas Eve! 24 hours till “deadline” (picks will totally be accepted up until showtime tomorrow :wink: )

Ok so here is the recap after night 1!

Me and my brother are the only 2 participants who did NOT call the Tweeprise encore last night, which has doomed us to bring up the caboose in the standings. Congrats to the rest of you (William, Piper, Brother, yonm4n, and my friend Steve) for having that intuition. This was the only bonus point action we saw last night.

Here are the standings thus far:

William Bartholomew Breathes: 55
Brother: 45
Piper: 40
yonm4n: 40
Steve (close friend of mine whom some of you have met on tour): 40
Myself (Brady): 15 :confused:
Travis (my brother): 10

looking forward to round 2 tonight! Travis, Steve and I will be tuned in on couch tour this evening.


Somebody stop WillBreathes! Its gonna be an interesting 2nd half- lots of stuff left on everybody’s list, we could see an epic comeback here.

Much respect to the foresight of Willbreathes and Brother for calling the Antelope 1st set closer and to yonm4n for hitting with the Loving Cup encore. 6 was the most songs called last night; a title share by myself, Will, Piper, Brother, and my friend Steve. The high of the run so far was Will last night with 9.

Here’s the score at Halftime.

Willbreathes: 95
Brother: 85
yonm4n: 75
Piper: 70
Steve: 70
Me: 45
Travis: 30

This halftime report was brought to you by Empire Records. We now return to Bob Costas at midfield and a special performance by Neil Diamond, playing all his hits in 12 minutes! We’ll see you for the second half!

I’m just going to assume that everybody is reading this and just not responding. :wink:

anyway, heading into the 4th quarter we’re in for an exciting ending! With no bonus points being issued on night 3 the scoreboard steadily balanced out. With Will still in the lead we find Brother, Piper, yonm4n and Steve inching close behind, with me and Travis in desperate need of a 4th quarter miracle (Come on All Things Reconsidered opener! :wave: ).

Here is the score going into the 4th quarter:

Will: 130
Brother: 110
yonm4n: 110
Steve: 105
Piper: 100
Me: 75
Travis: 55

Stay tuned!

Well it was an exciting game! This one really came down to the wire as we saw a miraculous comeback last night by yonm4n to win it at the buzzer with an 8 song night. Congrats to you, good sir!

Meanwhile Will had a rough night with only 3 songs played from his list. There was only one successful placement called last night as Piper nailed the Bag opener. We saw no successful bust-outs called over the run and a total of 9 correct song placements.

Here is the final score:

yonm4n: 150
Will: 145
Brother: 145
Piper: 135
Steve: 130
Me: 110
Travis: 80

Thank you for playing, everyone! Looking forward to next time!

Woohoo! so, what do i win? :stuck_out_tongue:

also, could we see others selections?

Why was this never done? When I run March Madness I always make sure everybody has a copy of peoples picks. This way everybody knows whats going on.

Re count! Re count! Recount!

Here were my picks:

^^well, the original idea was so nobody could get any funny ideas from each other. I should have made the picks public once the shows started but I guess i just didn’t think of it/get around to it.

yonm4n, I congratulate you on your prestigious award of the satisfaction in knowing that you are currently the most powerful setlist jedi on the OKP. :wave:

1st set opener

  1. DWD
  2. Tweezer
  3. Chalkdust
  4. ACDC

1st set closer

  1. Bowie
  2. Cavern
  3. SplitOAM
  4. First Tube

2nd set opener

  1. Tweezer
  2. Line

  3. Possum
  4. Mikes

2nd set closer

  1. Character Zero
  2. Loving Cup
  3. Julius
  4. Antelope

3rd set opener

  1. 2001

Auld Lang Syne >

  1. Runaway Jim

3rd set closer

  1. Frankenstein


  1. Tweeprise
  2. Golgi
  3. Contact
  4. GTBT


  1. Peaches
  2. Maze
  3. NICU
  4. Reba
  5. Hood
  6. Ghost
  7. Waste
  8. Tube
  9. Esther
  10. Taste

Tiebreaker is 90 songs for 4 shows…

1st set opener

  1. McGrupp
  2. KDF
  3. Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan
  4. All Things Reconsidered

1st set closer

  1. Time Turns Elastic
  2. Weekapaug
  3. Cavern
  4. Silent In The Morning

2nd set opener

  1. Golgi Apparatus
  2. Run Like an Antelope
  3. Light
  4. Big Black Furry Creature From Mars

2nd set closer

  1. Slave to the Traffic Light
  2. Fluffhead
  3. Scents and Subtle Sounds
  4. Down With Disease

3rd set opener

  1. It’s The End of the World As We Know It

Auld Lang Syne >

  1. Chalkdust Torture

3rd set closer

  1. Loving Cup


  1. La Grange
  2. First Tube
  3. You Enjoy Myself
  4. Squirming Coil


  1. Shafty
  2. Birds of A Feather
  3. Secret Smile
  4. Maze
  5. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday
  6. Backwards Down the Numberline
  7. Divided Sky
  8. Tweezer
  9. Rift
  10. Jennifer Dances

Tie Breaker: 97

^that’s me.

feel free to help me recount if you feel as though you have been shafted.


1st set opener

  1. Sample in a Jar
  2. Runaway Jim
  3. Tube
  4. After Midnight

1st set closer

  1. First Tube
  2. Run Like an Antelope
  3. Possum
  4. Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan

2nd set opener

  1. Wilson
  2. Down With Disease
  3. Golden Age
  4. Crosseyed and Painless

2nd set closer

  1. David Bowie
  2. You Enjoy Myself
  3. Good Times, Bad Times
  4. Cavern

3rd set opener

  1. Piper

Auld Lang Syne >

  1. Weekapaug Groove

3rd set closer

  1. Harry Hood


  1. Tweezer Reprise
  2. Slave to the Traffic Light
  3. Backwards Down the Number Line
  4. Character Zero


  1. NICU
  2. Tube
  3. Cities
  4. Moma Dance
  5. No Quarter
  6. Skin it Back
  7. Waves
  8. Hello my Baby
  9. Ghost
  10. Foam