My band's first EP

After lots of hard work and preparation, here it is. Feel free to listen to it and download it for free here:

  1. Intro [00:15]
  2. Mississippi Rat [04:12]
  3. Francesca’s First Love [03:47]
  4. Brazilian Wasteland [07:11]
  5. Fawkes Blues [04:45]
  6. Wanda Knows Best [04:12]
  7. Storm (2013-10-26, Lickety Split, Philadephia, PA) [08:05]

Something Soon proudly present “Songs to Get Pulled Over to,” our self produced EP featuring original material representing the genesis of the band.

This album is FREE, our gift to the public and offering to the muses (and the unamused alike). However, we do accept generous donations to help keep the band moving forward into exciting new territory.

Thank You.
released 21 January 2014

Something Soon is:
Bernard Miller: Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Fitzgerald: Saxophone, Keyboards
Connor Mullin: Bass Guitar
Kevin Alexander: Percussion

Is this our very own Fitz in a band releasing its first EP?!!! I feel like a proud aunt and I cannot wait to listen! Congratulations Dan!

Nice one, Dan, grats on putting this together!

Thanks for sharing the music!!

LOL @ the “Intro” and telling everyone to ‘shut up’

Thank you’s. :smiley:

So good. Love Brazilian Wasteland.

Downloading now. I’ve had it on my to-do list … for about as long as I’ve been ignoring the list, I guess.

Timely bump, Kevin, as we just played the Stone Pony and the SBD is up for free download! … ny-4-13-14

  1. Sound Check Jam [00:45]
  2. Siren’s Serenade [04:01]
  3. Fawkes Blues [04:50]
  4. Big Kahuna Burger [05:48]
  5. Here Comes Your Man (Pixies Cover) [03:14]
  6. Túrin [05:19]


Just downloaded that too … gonna listen to both tomorrow morning, on my drive to the disc golf course. :thumbup:

Thanks, dude! :thumbup: Needless to say, feel free to share it with your friends.

And for all you lazies who don’t feel like clicking on different links, here are some youtubes of us. The live footage is from the Stone Pony.






This was a fun listen - I think I prefered the live show to the actual EP, just seemed like the playing got smoother & tighter :thumbup: … keep it up!

For you Phish people. :slight_smile: