My Band's (Stereo Frontier) first album

Hello everybody, below is a link to my band’s self-titled album “Stereo Frontier”. You can download it for FREE, or if you’d like to make a donation, you can add any amount to the paypal. We will also have CD’s very soon if anyone is interested. We have been a band for technically about 3 years and we finally have buckled down and created something of our own to give out. The album was recorded, produced, and mastered by ourselves with our own equipment. I am very proud to say that I play music with these 4 guys who are some of my best friends. It’s awesome. Please take a listen and share with anyone you would like. … o-frontier

^ diggin’ this album! great sound and mix

sending you a PM now… the band I work for, Soap, will be in MKE Friday.